US Based Nigerian Couple Killed by Robbers Shortly After Landing In Nigeria

A  couple based in Texas, USA, Mr and Mrs Don and Nkem Okoro who were in Nigeria for vacation and to attend a burial of a relation, have been killed by unknown armed robbers who tried to rob them along Benin-Onitsha high way on their way to the village to attend a burial.

Their two-year old niece was also in the car with them, and sadly, they were all killed. Another report also says, they were trying to run from the robbery attack which made them have a ghastly accident in which they all died.

The Nigerian community in Houston who are grieving however says their death was regrettable and it was something that could have been preventable if only the country was security conscious. They are survived by five children.

NYPD Officers’ Killer Identified as Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley (Photos + Video)

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley

Two NYPD cops were executed last night after a suspected gang member from Baltimore trekked to Brooklyn to kill police officers in a twisted bid to avenge the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

The shooter has now been identified as Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley aka Moses, who went by the name @dontrunup on Instagram. . In several social media posts dating back over a year and a half, Moses can be seen across different parts of the US posting about
guns, drugs and of course police officers. He even downloaded an app called Waze to track where police officers were and boasted about wanting to murder cops in the hours before he ambushed the officers outside the Tompkins Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 2:45 p.m.

Just hours before the shootings, Ismaaiyl had also shot his girlfriend in Baltimore, according to reports. A woman accused him of shooting her niece in Baltimore and was desperately trying to find him when news broke that he had turned a gun on two officers, shooting them execution style, in what he believed to be revenge for Eric Garner.

Moses had walked up to the officers sitting inside the patrol car and opened fire before running into a nearby subway station, posted one final Instagram, then shot himself.

The late NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu
Paramedics later brought him out on a stretcher and were performing CPR. But the killer, a reputed member of the gang “Black Guerilla Family,” was pronounced dead. His mortally-wounded police officer victims — one was on the force for seven years, the other for only two — were rushed to Woodhull Hospital. But they too couldn’t be saved.

Ismaaiyl’s 29-year-old girlfriend, who he shot in the stomach underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Someone has already posted video of the aftermath on Youtube. Press play to watch! This is crazy!!!

Photos from Ramsey Nouah’s 44th Birthday Party

Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah  had a birtday party on Friday December 19, 2014 as he turned 44. Chai, this guy don dey old The party was held at the newly opened MVP Lounge in Lekki, Lagos. Nigerian celebrities like Majid Michel, AY, Chidi Mokeme, Gbenro Ajibade and others were all present. See more photos after the cut..

Reporter Spills the Beans about Vanguard Interview Omotola Denied

Vanguard newspaper published a story about Omotola saying she had been tempted countless times to cheat on her hubby only for Omotola to quickly take to Twitter and deny granting the newspaper an interview in years. The columnist who published the interview is vexed about Omotola’s denial and has released a statement to set the records straight. Continues after the cut.

Let me start first by saying that I am humbled by the popularity of this column, only six weeks after it made its debut here. I am told, and this has been verified, by random Google search, that this column has been culled and appropriated by practically every social media platform including the leading bloggers all over the world. One of such bloggers called me, to say she has been eagerly awaiting my column every Sunday, and updates on my blog: so she would be the first to post my stories. I must say that I am flattered.

Last week, I published on this page some excerpts of an interview that Omotola Jalade Ekeinde granted my New York based newspaper, The Diaspora Star  in December 2009  and also, on my blog: . The interview, though done some years ago, was still relevant and current- (the kind of interviews that have no time-limit or currency.) The story has become a hit on social media and some other newspapers here. The popular blogger, BellaNaija culled the story, and a day after, Omotola through the same BellaNaija denied ever granting the interview to Vanguard. She, however, did not
deny that the said interview did take place and that some other excerpts of the same interview were published in The Diaspora Star, which she had read when it was first published.

 Since her ambiguous denial, there has been a feeding frenzy on the social media, with some misguided fellows thinking that the interview did not take place and I am offended by this. The notion that I, Ekerete Udoh, one of the pioneers of this genre of journalism in Nigeria, a man  whom God has used  to promote and project  Nigerian pop culture and its practitioners  both here in Nigeria and in the Diaspora would publish an interview that was not properly conducted is to say the least, stupid ,puerile and utterly objectionable and I AM MAD AS HELL!

Let me for the records, state that the said interview took place in Omotola’s HOLIDAY INN, hotel room in Yonkers, New York. Now, this is the fact of the story.

I first met Omotola in 2008 or thereabout, when her then manager-Jim Bass, asked me to help promote her in North America. Omotola had a musical performance at Lehman College, the Bronx, as part of an event that was put together by former Beauty Queen and Nollywood actress, Regina Askia. Because I was her big fan and was proud of what she was doing, I agreed to help promote her in the media.

We were formally introduced at that occasion by her then manager, Jim Bass. Since then, Omotola and I struck a very professional relationship and in 2009, during another of her visits to New York for the premier of an HIV/AIDS movie produced by Nollywood actress and producer, Chisom, I helped alongside her then manager, Jim Bass, organize a meet -and -greet session for her at the popular Nigerian watering hole-Tropical Grill, a restaurant and lounge that is located about ten minutes away from JFK Airport and has played host to many prominent Nigerians including former president Obasanjo. My friend, Ms. Bola Jawo, the owner of that restaurant agreed to give us the hall free, to host Omotola.  Ms. Jawo can authenticate this.

 At the event, Omnotola was so impressed by the huge turnout of fans and our friendship deepened. It was at that event that I asked her for an interview that was going to be different- where emphasis was going to be placed on her private life, her marriage and other angles that the media had not explored. She has told me exultantly:

“Thank God, this is going to be different form all those generic questionnaires I have been used to, from Nigerian journalists”.

The next day, in the company of my two daughters, Ekaete Bukola and Uduak Temitope Udoh respectively, (my daughters , Ekaete who has already graduated from college and will be starting her law school in the spring 2015 and Uduak who is a freshman in college are huge Omotola’s fans and had told me they will not forgive me, if I didn’t take them along to see their idol), I drove to Yonkers- a distance of about 30 minutes from New York City, and the said interview took place right there in her room at the Holiday Inn. It was a meeting of two friends and I remember her even jokingly telling me not to take pictures because she just woke up and “looked a mess”. We all laughed and told her she was as beautiful as ever.

Since then, I have done other stories on Omotola and she has regularly sought my help in helping tamp down negative situations that arose about her. When in 2011, a picture surfaced on the internet showing a man with his hands firmly grabbing her butt, and it sparked a media frenzy on the state of her marriage, with most accusing her of cheating on her husband, it was me and my news paper-The Diaporan Star that she ran to, to help debunk that story.

 Not only did she grant me an interview, she also made me speak with her husband, who had stoutly defended her. That interview finally put a lid on that scandal and is all over the social media. I reproduce below, that interview and her confirmation of the initial 2009 interview that she denied was ever granted.  This is how The Diasporan Star edition of May 2011, reported the story:

In our last edition, we did a cover story which was titled “Omotola in the eye of the storm! Husband angry over butt-grabbing photo at the Grammys…Why she apologized.”

The story centered around the rumors then spreading all over the world about the state of marriage of Omotola-by far, one of the most visible and popular stars in the Nollywood firmament following a butt-grabbing incident by her escort at the 2011 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles-an event that had Omotola, as the first Nollywood star to ever walk the Red Carpet at the star-studded event.
The picture had elicited wild rumors and innuendoes – with some speculating that her relationship with the guy, whose hands was on her backside, had more to it than meets the eye.

Some had openly stated she was playing games with her marital vows.
We had reported in the same article our inability to get Omotola to state her own side of the story, since she was shooting a movie in Ghana. We had, however relied on close sources to piece together our facts which provided the background to our story.

A few days after the story hit the newsstands, I received a call from Omotola, who expressed the desire to finally speak on the issue. “I am now going to use this platform to put this issue to rest once and for all.”
Omotola went on to add that “people have insinuated all kinds of things and read numerous meaning to what was nothing but an innocuous picture taken of me and a member of my new management team at the Grammys. The picture was an innocent one, signifying nothing.

I have been married to my husband for 15 years now, and I say this loud and clear that I have never cheated on him, and would never do so ever! Remember I said in an interview I granted you in 2009, that yes, I have been tempted numerous times to violate my marital vows, but I have always resisted the temptation to do anything that would bring dishonor to my marriage and my children. If I told you – as a popular actress that we have not been tempted, I would be lying to you. But should one sacrifice all what one has built, nurtured and worked hard to establish just because you want to indulge in some ill-motivated affair? No. I don’t believe in that. I count myself blessed to have married a perfect gentleman, a man who has supported me throughout my years in the industry, and is still there, as a rock of Gibraltar. My husband is a rare find, and no amount of temptation will ever make me cheat on him.

So the notion or the rumor that my haters and nay sayers have spread to the effect that the guy at the Grammys was my boyfriend, is ludicrous to say the least. If I wanted to cheat on my husband, would I do that in the open? Would I advertise my boyfriend for everyone to see and at such a public function? Just analyze that logically – would that be a commonsensical thing to do?

This rumor is really a sick one and I’m offended. My husband is my soul-mate and I will never soil or put that trust in jeopardy – no matter what and the extent of the temptation. It is not worth it.” (At this point, she handed the phone to her husband).

My wife is no flirt – Husband
It was obvious from the manner Mr. Ekeinde sounded, that he was pained and frustrated by all the unfounded rumors about his wife’s glorious outing at the Grammys.

My brother, I am very proud of my wife’s accomplishments and I join other well wishers and millions of her fans to toast her success. I’m a little surprised that instead of Nigerians celebrating her appearance at the Grammys and her, being the first Nollywood star to walk the red carpet; they are busy spreading tales and rumors that do not exist.

Truth be told, I was not angry with my wife when I saw the picture. Why should I be? I know who I married, how self-respecting she is and also the nature of her industry. She is an actress for God’s sake, and it is not out of place for actresses to appear in scenes that may look a little out of place for a married person.

The key thing is that my wife respects her marital status, and in our 15 year marriage, she has been the best woman any man could aspire to have. In spite of her stardom, at home, she is my wife. She cooks for me, takes care of the home and above all, is a great mother to our lovely children.

I sincerely would implore her fans not to buy into rumors and speculations about her marital life, because I, the husband the one that is lucky to have her as my wife is so proud of her and I continue to thank God for bringing her into my life. I could never have asked for a better wife than her” Mr. Ekeinde a commercial airline pilot had concluded.

 Now, let me address the point she made that she did not grant an interview to Vanguard.

About six weeks ago, I became a columnist in this newspaper, and since one of the planks of this column rests on popular culture, I have been publishing AUTHENTIC AND CREDIBLE interviews that I have had with leading personalities over the years. There is no ethical kerfuffle involved with this practice.

A writer or journalist who did an interview with a given subject can use same interview in any other credible media platform of his choosing, as long as the said INTERVIEW WAS PROPERLY CONDUCTED AND THE STORY IS REPORTED ACCURATELY.

That was what I did, with the Omotola story. She granted me an interview, and I am now a columnist with Vanguard newspaper, a credible and easily one of the leading mainstream newspapers in Nigeria, and I decided to use the story, with my byline boldly displayed, which should suffice. Her story is not the first I had done along this line, which I may add, is a universally adopted practice by journalists all over the world. Journalists are free to syndicate their stories in whatever medium or platform they deem fit.

For three weeks, I ran an interview I did with Her Excellency, Mrs.  Bianca Ojukwu, the beautiful and erudite Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain last year in her home, in Enugu. When I did the interview, I was not yet a columnist with Sunday Vanguard, but I exercised my editorial judgment and used it to flag off this column.
When the interview ran in Sunday Vanguard, Her Excellency, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu had called me while I was on a quick trip to South Beach, Miami, Florida about three weeks ago, to commend me on the  interview and even told me she couldn’t get a copy of Sunday Vangaurd in the entire Eastern states because the paper had sold out.

She called me from New York where she had gone for a socio-cultural event and I told her that I was now doing a column in Sunday Vanguard and she wished, me well. Mrs. Ojukwu did not deny the interview on the account that the said interview was not meant to  have been published in this paper, she knew that the interview had the full complement of my integrity and professional bonafides, and was happy for me.

In the weeks to come, I will use other exclusive details of interviews I did with other popular figures in our politics and pop culture worlds on these pages.

Omotola is my friend and even at this very strange moment of our friendship, I will still count her as a good friend. She has been a great ambassador of our arts and a role model for millions of women and I will not excoriate or eviscerate her, even though I am so massively tempted to get REAL ANGRY and to use the American street slang “wild-out” but I will hold my fire for NOW.

I count myself as one of the standard bearers of this genre of journalism and thus, acutely aware of ethical issues and concerns. So I take ethics and professional conduct very seriously. I have preached this to all the reporters and journalists who have passed through my tutelage and I will continue to hold aloft the ideals, values , ethos and ethics of our profession.

Let me also add here that not only do I hold a bachelors degree in journalism, I also hold bachelors and masters degrees in political science, where I was the Best Overall Graduating student of my class of 2006, International Relations at the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. I have an acute sense of right and wrong and have mentored hundreds of journalists who today, are publishers, editors, top op-ed writers  commissioners of information, special advisers and corporate affairs heads of several agencies.

I will continue to do this, as long as the good Lord gives me the strength to do so!

Police Intercept 1,500 Ballot Boxes In Bauchi (photos)


Palpable tension enveloped Bauchi State political space yesterday following the interception of a truck load of 1550 ballot boxes expected to be used in next year’s elections.

The transparent white empty ballot boxes were yesterday intercepted on the Darazo -Dukku road, 110 kilometres from the state capital, by state security operatives.

Described as non-sensitive INEC electoral materials, the boxes were found in a 24 feet container trailer with registration number plate, Abuja XE784 ABJ driven by one Mohammed Shaidu.
The consignment, according to Shaidu, was destined for Gombe State.

Rumour soon spread that the boxes were stuffed with thumb printed ballot cards. To douse the tension, the police opened the boxes in the presence of police, state security and INEC officials, reporters and representatives of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the Police Area Command head office Bauchi.

The state Police spokesman DSP Haruna Mohammed appealed to the public to always cross check their information to avoid being misinformed. Mr. Kayode Idowu, the Chief Press Secretary to the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, last night said there was no cause for alarm.

He confirmed that the boxes indeed belong to the commission and were being moved by the contractor to the states ahead of next year’s elections. Idowu said the contractors ought to have got security escorts for the consignment and has been directed to seek such escorts for the remaining consignment.

The driver of the truck said “about 30 vehicles carrying the same materials and quantity have gone to other states in the Northeast”.

He expressed shock for his ‘detention’ when all the security men should have done was to cross-check from INEC after “I presented my waybill”. Aliyu Sa’idu Abubakar, Bauchi State Organiser, Buhari Campaign Organization said: “we in APC have not accused anybody but we want to be sure that things are properly done; no more business as usual. Our people, progressive Nigerians, have to be vigilant.”

Reports say the truck has since been released.

Nollywood Actress Didi Ekanem Begs Fans to Focus On Her Talent, Not Her Booty

Her booty seems to have given her more than enough attention in movies but fast the rising actress, Didi Ekanem is pleading with fans to concentrate more on her talent rather than her loaded backside.
Speaking in recent interview with Vanguard, when asked how she feels having one of the biggest bums in Nollywood, the Escort Service actress said:

‘It’s a good feeling and a wonderful one. But I won’t lie to you, as much as I love it so much, I just wish people would focus more on my talent than my bum. All the concentration out there is on my bum not my talent. I would honestly wish people to see
me as a talented actress not a sexy one. But my bum is not allowing people to see me deep down, to see the person and the talent.’

The actress also said that her bum is real and not made of artificial embellishment.

‘Some said it is made of plastic but you are here now and can see there is no artificial embellishment or augmentation. My bum is real, it’s like 101% real, I was born this way, I was born like this. I’ve had it since I was in JS1, in fact that was when I started noticing it.’

The Akwa Ibom actress who is becoming more famous by the day, has starred in movies such as Royal Rituals, Brazilain Hair Madness among others.

Pastors That Are Poor Were Not Called By God — Uma Ukpai

Dr Uma Ukpai, the president and founder of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, has said poor men of God did not receive divine calling telling Daily Independent that it was untrue that people resorted to Church establishment out of joblessness.

“I Was Shocked When Idris Was Declared The Winner” — Tayo Faniran

Speaking with the media last night shortly before his party, Tayo said he was shocked when Idris Sultan of Tanzania was declared the winner of the reality show.




•Rotimi Amaechi – 8yrs Speaker PDP; 7yrs
Governor PDP.

•Atiku Abubakar – 8yrs Vice President PDP.

•George Akume – 8yrs Governor PDP.

•Bukola Saraki – 8yrs Governor PDP; 3yrs Senator

•Timipre Sylver – 4yrs Governor PDP.

•Audu Ogbe – 2yrs PDP Chairman.

•Aminu Masari – 4yrs Reps Speaker PDP.

•Chris Ngige – 3yrs Governor PDP.

•Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso – 7yrs Governor PDP;
3yrs Defense Minister PDP.

•Segun Oni – 3yrs Governor PDP; 3yrs PDP
National Vice Chairman, South-West.

•Rear Admiral Murtala Nyako – 6yrs Governor

•Olagunsoye Oyinlola – 3yrs Governor PDP; 1yr
PDP National Secretary.

•OBJ – 8yrs President PDP.

Ex-speaker Masari in certificate forgery saga

Human rights lawyer Festus Keyamo has petitioned the All Progressives Congress (APC), urging the party to strip Aminu Bello Masari, former speaker of the federal house of representatives, of the Katsina state gubernatorial ticket over an alleged case of certificate forgery.

In a letter dated December 17 and addressed to the national chairman of the party, Keyamo argued that Masari’s claim of obtaining a postgraduate diploma in water quality control and management from Middlesex Polytechnic in the United Kingdom was false, saying the school did not offer the course in the year Masari claimed to have obtained it.

Citing Section 182 (1) (J) of the Nigerian constitution, the attorney, who is representing Ibrahim Yadullah, Kabir Mamman, Aminu Hashirmu, Falalu Sale and Ya’u Sule, who are APC members in Katsina, threatened to go to court if Masari was not disqualified and the matter investigated.

“On behalf our clients, we write this petition concerning your supposed gubernatorial candidate for Katsina state, Aminu Bello Masari. We wish to kindly draw your attention to certain facts, which are likely to disqualify him from contesting for the said position or if he does contest at all and is victorious, may be a ground to remove him as governor if the pre-election matter concerning the issue is not determined timeously,” Keyamo said.

“Kindly note, that in the year 2011, the subject of this petition, Aminu Bello Masari, contested for the office of governor of Katsina state under the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). In filling Form CF-001 (Personal Particulars of Candidate), he alleged that he has a post-graduate diploma. As evidence of this, he attached a certificate in ‘postgraduate diploma in water quality control and management’ from Middlesex Polytechnic, United Kingdom.

“A simple inquiry that was made in the said polytechnic elicited a response that no such course was offered by the school in the said year. Kindly find attached the said response by email. We encourage you to do your own inquiry from the said Institution and draw your own conclusion.”

He further asked the APC to substitute Masari with another candidate or conduct a fresh gubernatorial primary election in Katsina state to live up to its mantra of change.

“The danger of sticking with Aminu Bello Masari as your candidate for Katsina state despite the above facts is all too obvious because we are prepared to proceed to court if you fail to act decisively. We need not say more,” he added.

Masari, speaker of the house of reps between 2003 and 2007, beat Kanti Bello, a former senator, to the Katsina state APC governorship ticket, polling 2,470 votes to Bello’s 1,327.



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Ahmed Musa should forget about winning African Player of the Year award – Jay Jay Okocha

Former Super Eagles Austin Jay Jay Okocha has backed Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure to still retain the Player of the Year Award for 2014.

Toure was been shortlisted in the final five-man list for the award,and he will be coming up against two Nigerian players, Ahmed Musa and Vincent Enyeama.

Okocha who himself missed out twice on the award during his playing days, argued that remains the best African player from the lot and that he is the favourite to win it again.

“Musa has his own qualities, but in my opinion, Yaya Toure is the best African player, he is on course to win the title logically,” Okocha told Le Buteur.

The winner of the 2014 African Player of the year award will emerge at a gala event to be held again in Lagos, in January 2015.

Oil workers suspend strike, as Total recalls sacked employee

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It does appear that fuel will be available during the yuletide period as oil workers have halted further strike action apart from the three days warning strike embarked upon during the week.

The decision came as Total E&P has rescinded the sack of a PENGASSAN zonal officer in Port Harcourt, Mrs. Elo Victor-Ogbondah.

The communiqué issued Friday in Abuja at the end of about 13 hours negotiation, showed that apart from recalling of Mrs. Victor-Ogbondah, other contending issues were also resolved.

On the passage of the PIB, the meeting appreciated the benefits associated with the Bill but regretted the delay in passing by the National Assembly. It was suggested that the federal ministries of Labour and Petroleum Resources, NUPENG and PENGASSAN should meet on the subject to decide on the best productive line of action.

On the end of contract of the Port Harcourt zonal Treasurer of NUPENG, Ikohesa O. Ikohesa by Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited, the meeting appealed to Mobil Producing Nig. Unlimited to request the contractor, Messrs Halden Nig. Limited to re-absorb Ikohesa.

Concerning casualisation, contract staffing and outsourcing, the meeting noted that the guidelines are still subsisting and the trade unions were advised to submit the names of companies defaulting. Furthermore, it was noted that the guidelines have been submitted to the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation for gazetting as regulations. Also, the need to update the guidelines in view of the changing world of work was identified.

On the sustenance of National Minimum Wage, it was identified that such matter is for the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to handle.

On the demand for the improvement on national security regarding kidnapping and its negative consequences on the industry and country, it was noted that the issue of security challenges is global and that the Federal Government is committed to protecting its citizens.

On the complaint over bad roads, especially the Eleme Onne leading to Port Harcourt refinery and alternate roads to WRPC as well as PPMC depots in Warri, the meeting was informed by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Petroleum Resources that FERMA and the Federal Ministry of Works have been informed and a palliative work was requested. However, due to the very bad state of the roads, contracts have been awarded for their total rehabilitation.

The trade unions demanded for Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) on the refineries and regular crude oil supply and their opposition to the sale of refineries without due consultations with them. The issue was stepped down as no comment could be authoritatively made at the meeting on the state of the refineries.

As for the non-promotion of staff in PTDF in 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources assured the meeting that the matter is being handled, and concluded that the issue would be resolved by the end of January 2015.

The meeting agreed that unionization in Free Trade Zones is no more an issue as the right of the worker to belong to a trade union is unquestionable based on both national and international labour laws. It was noted that the problem currently encountered in the FTZ is that of identifying the right trade union with jurisdiction to unionize the workers.

In view of the agreement therefore, it was agreed that no trade union official or member will be victimized for his or her participation in the strike, and NUPENG and PENGASSAN suspended the ongoing strike in the industry.

The communiqué was signed by the National President of NUPENG, Igwe Achese, President of PENGASSAN, Francis Johnson, General Secretary of PENGASSAN, Bayo Olowoshile, General Secretary of NUPENG, Isaac Aberare, General Manager, Human Resources, Total E & P, Paul O. Odekina, the Permanent Secretary of Petroleum Resources, Dr. Jamila Shu’ara and Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Dr. Clement Illoh. Agency report

Ex-Dora Akunyili’s aide manhandled by soldiers in Abuja

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mary ikoku

Information reaching us now is that all may not be well with Mrs. Mary Ikoku from Arochukwu who was Special Assistant to Professor Dora Akunyili until her death.

It was revealed that Ikoku who was to catch up with her flight today (20/12/2014) by 11am was manhandled by some security personnel, while driving in her car with her driver along Bill Clinton Drive, Abuja, close to the airport toll gate, at exactly 9.30am.

According to the information she placed on her Facebook wall: “I just received a shocker. My driver was stopped, and I had just got off the phone with my DG and received another call from a friend, Jonathan Madu.

“All of a sudden, in a rather scary and loud voice, the military man asked the driver to wind down the window of the back seat where I am seated. The driver obeyed, the next thing I heard was, you! cut that call! In short, turn off your phone!

“He ordered me to cut the phone call. I told my caller to hold on so I can hear what is going on. I then told the man to please allow me discharge my caller at the other end, besides I really didn’t see how my call will affect their discourse with the driver.

“My friend who was listening at the other side kept saying what has your call got to do with anything! What is the meaning of that? The man raised his gun, threatened me to turn off my call! I am terribly shaken, I am pissed, I have locked myself in the car and have instructed the driver to do same!

“This is 10.02am. My flight is for 11am, but we are still being held up by these men in uniform. They have the gun! I have just my tiny hands!”

When this reporter contacted her on phone to verify the information, she said that the military men have already taken her to the police station at the airport’s axis on handcuffs. She said that she had not seen a thing like that before: The way the security men suffocated her at the backseat of her car, having nearly been thrown into the boot of her car.

She told the reporter: ““Before they plant bomb in my car. Are we still in democracy! Do we still have a country! These overzealous men are killing this country! I am shouting out to anyone who can help tell these men in uniform to allow us go our way, please! Although, I’ve already missed my flight”

er call from a friend Jonathan Madu. All of a sudden, in a rather scary and loud voice, the military man asked the driver to wind down the window of the back seat where I am seated. The driver obeyed, the next thing I heard was, you! cut that call! in short turn off your phone! He ordered me to cut the phone call. I told my caller to hold on so I can hear what is going on. I then told the man to please allow me discharge my caller at the other end besides I really didn’t see how my call will affect their discuss with the driver. My friend who was listening at the other kept saying what has ur call got to do with anything! what is the meaning of that? The man raised his gun, threatened me to turn off my call! I am terribly shaken, I am pissed, I have locked myself in the car and have instructed the driver to do same! This is 10.02am. My flight is for 11am but we are still being held up by these men in uniform. They hsve the gun! I have just my tiny hands! Are we still in democracy! Do we still have a country! This over zealous men are killing this country! I am shouting out to anyone who can help tell these men in uniform to allow us go our way …please!

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855

‘Only Chad Can Help End Insurgency’ – Ali Modu-Sheriff Reveals All He Knows About Boko Haram

The former Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, while speaking with the BBC Hausa service magazine programme (Gane Mini Hanya) opened up about what he knows abut the Boko Haram, saying only the Republic of Chad could help solve the insurgency problem.

He denied the reports that Haram began during his tenure as governor of Borno, saying the terrorists began in Yobe in 1992, and that he had been working around a solution, including talking to the Chadian government.

Leadership newspaper says:
Keeping mute on how Chad could possibly help in solving the problem, Sheriff added that since he is one of the few politicians that has benefitted greatly from the kindness of Borno State, as such he is doing whatever it is to help solve the insurgency.

“Nothing preoccupies my mind in Nigeria presently like the return of peace in Borno. When Borno State was peaceful, there was no place I cherished to stay in the world like Maiduguri. I, my friends, my confidants, my parents and all the schools I attended are in Maiduguri.

“Therefore, I am more concerned than anybody in this country, because what Borno State did for me has not been done to any other indigene. You know, in Borno State, a governor has never been re-elected apart from me; in Borno State, no senator has ever been elected thrice apart from me. So, Borno people have done everything for me, and there is no one in this world that I know other than Chad, which I think could help Borno,” he said.

Soldiers Kill Hundreds of Boko Haram Terrorists In Latest Raid

A very large number of terrorists have met their final waterloo after

falling into an ambush laid for them by Nigerians troops between Maiduguri

and Damboa, Borno State on Friday.
Security sources close to the ongoing mopping operation will determine the

number of the terrorists who died in the encounter.

The clash followed the troops’ move to stop the terrorists who were in the

process of attacking the electricity engineers who were working to restore

power to parts of Borno State.
A large number of the terrorists died in the process while their

improvised explosive devise (IED) laden Hilux truck vehicle was destroyed.

When contacted, Defence Spokesman, Major General Chris Olukolade confirmed

the incidents but insisted that the exact casualty figures were still

being ascertained.
During the encounter, the troops also captured a Hilux vehicle earlier

stolen by the terrorists from the Borno State Ministry of Education, which

they have repainted and mounted with an ant-aircraft gun.

Other weapons recovered by troops include rocket propelled grenades and

rifles. Unfortunately however, two soldiers died in the encounter.

In a similar development, Military Engineer troops who have been clearing

terrorists IEDs and effecting repairs on bridges repelled an attack while

working on a bridge around Husara.
Several terrorists also died in the encounter. A total four General

Purpose Machine Guns, three rifles and two Rocket Propelled Grenade

Launchers were captured from the terrorists during the encounter. One

soldier however died while three others were wounded in the encounter.

Meanwhile in Adamawa State, troops continue with the conduct of land

patrol of towns of Mubi, Uba, Garkida, Muva and others towns and villages

as their advance through coordinated air and land operations in

furtherance of counterterrorism campaign.

Jonathan deserve a second term to continue the good work – Yobo

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Former captain of the Super Eagles, Joseph Yobo, on Friday led a group known as PDP Ward 2 Ward Initiative to the Presidential Villa Abuja to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan for second term.

Addressing State House correspondents after a closed-door meeting with the president, Yobo said Jonathan deserved a second term to continue the ‘good work’ he had started.

The ex-international, who is the group’s brand ambassador, said the president had done so well for the youth and called on them to re-elect him in 2015.

He stated that his organisation had a short, medium and long-term plan to partner the president on his transformation agenda.

‘I’m here to endorse His Excellency, the president of our great nation, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, for his re-election. He has done so well.

‘I stand here as a youth to say that he deserves a second term to push forward the good work he has started.

‘I do believe in the legacy of the transformation agenda, and that’s why this Ward 2 Ward Initiative is building on that legacy.

‘The president has done so well. The youth now have their own power, they have their own beliefs and they should understand that they have their rights in their own hands. They should follow what Mr President has started.

‘The youth should come forward and believe in Mr President. Everybody should come out to vote for him.

‘It’s your choice, but as an individual and as a face of the youth, I recognise what he has done.

‘The future is for the youth. We need to stand up and look into the future, not just now.

‘If we don’t settle down and take responsibility as youths and be able to follow what Mr President has done, then what does out future hold?’

The national Coordinator PDP Ward 2 Ward Initiative, Mr Shekulomaso Karka, said the group was a grassroots political organisation and an NGO involved in youth development at the grassroots.

Karka explained that the group was involved in the propagation of government’s developmental policies and programmes in rural areas. (NAN)

APC kicks-off governorship rally

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The All Progressives Congress, APC, is set to flag-off its governorship campaign rally in Rivers State during which Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside, its governorship candidate, will be officially presented to the public. The event which will take place at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt, on Monday, at 8.00am, will have in attendance as Special Guest, Governor Chibuike Amaechi. National officers of APC are also expected to be part of an anticipated massive crowd.

A statement released in Port Harcourt on Saturday by Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, Chairman, Media & Publicity Committee, All Progressives Congress Governorship Campaign Organisation, said the event, to attract thousands of APC supporters from the 23 local government areas of the state, will be used by Dr. Peterside to launch the Roadmap to Prosperity, an economic blue-print formulated by the APC candidate to form the basis of his development plan for Rivers State.

While calling on APC members and the general public to attend, the statement added that adequate security measures have been made to ensure hitch-free campaign inauguration.


Mrs. Ibim Semenitari
Chairman, Media & Publicity Committee
All Progressives Party Governorship Campaign Organisation

Saturday, December 20, 2014

FIFA rankings: Falcons remain Africa’s best

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Unlike their male counterparts, the Super Eagles who have been toppled by less fancied African teams in FIFA and CAF rankings, African women champions, the Super Falcons of Nigeria, have climbed three places in the year end Fifa ranking for women.

The Nigerian women are in the 32nd position in the global ranking compared to the last quarter that they occupied the 35th position.

Conversely, the Eagles that were in 42 in November, dropped to 43 in the latest year end FIFA rankings thus ending the year outside the top 40 teams in the world.

The Falcons who are World Cup bound, are the top team in Africa followed by Ghana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa in that order.

Nigeria’s rivals at the Women’s World Cup – United States, Sweden and Australia – are ranked 2nd, 5th and 10th respectively.

Germany, USA, France, Japan and Sweden, who will all feature at next year’s tournament in Canada, are the top five countries in the world.

The next world ranking will be published by the official website of Fifa,, on 27 March 2015.

PDP Raises N21 Billion For 2015 Elections (DETAILS)

PDP Raises N21 Billion For 2015 Elections (DETAILS)

It was a rain of Naira Saturday in Abuja as Peoples Democratic Party realised more than N21 billion at its fund-raising dinner towards next year’s general election from donors spanning business, elected government officials, and private individuals.

With the absence of the President, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, who was billed to be the chief launcher, the event received huge financial commitment from those present at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa Abuja.

Chief Tunde Ayeni opened the donations with N1 billion on behalf of himself and his group of friends. He also announced the donation of another N2 billion on behalf of a different group of friends he said came from across the country.

Chairman of the PDP fund raising committee, Professor Jerry Gana who cautioned the party not to underestimate the opposition likely donated N5 billion on behalf of his friends, while the National Automotive Council donated N450 million.

The PDP Governors’ Forum, represented by the Bauchi State Governor, Isa Yuguda, announced a donation of N50 million by each of the 21 PDP state governors, making a total N1.05 billion. Yuguda was supported by the governors of Cross River, Bayelsa, and Gombe states while announcing the donation.

Bola Shagaya from Kwara state representing oil and gas industry donated N5 billion while the construction sector donated N310 million.

The chairman of Deep Offshore, Didi Ndimou, representing the Transport and Aviation sector donated N1 billion. The real estate sector represented by Oluchi Okoye donated N4 billion while the food and agricultural sector, represented by Chief Ominife Uzoegbu donated N500 million.

Also making donation at the event attended by President Goodluck Jonathan, his depty, Alhaji Namadi Sambo, Chief Tony Anenih and the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Mua’zu among others, Cizaly Ltd donated N250 million while the representatives of the power sector led by Tunde Ayeni donated N500 million.

Other donors at the PDP fund raising dinner include the National Association of Stevedores’ Companies, N25 million; former governor of Ebonyi State Sam Egwu, N1 million; Halima Jubril, N5 million; and Ajuji Best Western Hotel, N1 million; among others.

The Chairman, Gana charged the party to use its campaign to show Nigerians what it had achieved for the country in the last 16 years.

“Let me use this opportunity to say that the forthcoming general election is essentially going to be a two-party affair. It will be very competitive.

“I therefore appeal to the leadership of our great party that we must not take things for granted. We must campaign. We must not underestimate the opposition. We have to show people what we have done in the last 16 years.

“Having a very good candidate is very important and I can tell everyone that our presidential candidate is good” Gana said.

“I must tell you that we have serious challenges and difficulties in a number of states arising from the primaries. And I want to appeal that our party’s leadership must not impose unpopular candidates on the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” Gana said.

The national chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, said the party needed financial resources to prosecute the 2015 general elections.

Four Nigerian coaches who want Stephen Keshi to stop coaching the Super Eagles

Maybe he is the most vilified person on earth at the moment, Stephen Keshi has proven that managing the Super Eagles of Nigeria is about the toughest job in the whole world.

This past week has been about Keshi, well like what is becoming a standard procedure these days, a lot of people bare their fangs on him.

There was an avalanche of criticisms on him this past week, noteworthy it came mainly from the top echelon of football managers in Nigeria.

As was anticipated, failure to qualify Nigeria for the 2015 African Nations Cup has won him more foes who have a formidable armoury, and it is not looking like a situation that he can wriggle out of.

Keshi’s problems are well documented and needs no further dilly dallying on. Yet to be offered a new contract, he is waiting for a new deal from the Nigeria Football Federation after being brought back on the orders of President of Goodluck Jonathan in November.

If Keshi had read all that was written about him, maybe there might a lapse in his self-belief as many are calling for his head on a plate.

But being fickle comes with the moment, which leaves one with the question where all the past adulations of Keshi have suddenly go?

Below we have drafted all the quotes attributable to former coaches of the national team who no longer want to see Keshi in the saddle any longer.

*Amodu Shaibu:

The former Super Eagles manager was the first to stoke the fire this week when he took a swipe at Keshi for remaining as Super Eagles coach rather than taking a walk.

“As a coach you are as good as your last game. If as at when they asked me to take over from him and I reckoned that it would affect my reputation if I failed, I expect any professional coach to assume the same position now, which is referring to Keshi.

“So he alone will decide whether he has a reputation or not. If he has a reputation, he should walk out of the job but if he doesn’t, he should stay like a beggar,” Amodu told earlier in the week.

“We all know that Keshi has failed,” Amodu added. “To keep him is a bad precedent because when Siasia failed, we told the whole country that he failed and he should go, and not even Goodluck Jonathan could save him. And so if we want to live within those standards, we know what to do and this is my personal opinion.”

* Kashimawo Laloko
If Amodu gave Keshi a below the belt blow, Laloko provided the sucker-punch on his chins

“Keshi has shown he doesn’t have the tactical ability to lead the Super Eagles to success in the future. The manner in which he failed with the team is woeful; he should go,” Laloko told The Punch.

“This should not be seen as a witch-hunt. Every coach that has failed with any team has always been asked to leave. Why should Keshi’s case be different? We need to have another coach so the team can move on. Amodu has said it well, so has Chukwu.

“It doesn’t matter if it was the President that intervened in bringing Keshi back; we shouldn’t allow anyone to force a coach on us. I don’t know who the NFF wants to hire next but I’m convinced we have the best hands in Nigeria that can do the job,” Laloko added.

* Adegboye Onigbinde
On Onigbinde’s part, he noted that he had even warned Keshi long before now against assenting to President’s Jonathan’s request to come back and manage the Super Eagles.

“On the very day the Presidency asked him to return to his job I personally sent him a text message to politely thank Mr President for the offer and bow out honourably and quietly, too,” Onigbinde told

“Keshi respectfully replied the text message thanking me and that was it as he went ahead with the two remaining 2015 AFCON qualifying matches against Congo and South Africa, I’m sure the rest is history.

“I volunteered the advice to Keshi because I understand that he won’t work with the Presidency but a different set of people as well as an entirely different environment.

“Now that others have picked up the calls I have the privilege to have said over two months ago I won’t like to engage in an exercise that will appear repetitious so that I won’t be accused of having interest in the whole matter.

“I’m not used to pressurising people to act in certain way, I’ve passed my view directly to him, I don’t need to pressurise him further on same thing.”

*Fanny Amun
Amun on his part, sat on the fence. Rather he canvassed for Daniel Amokachi to take over from Keshi should he eventually leave.

“Amokachi is a respected personality in the team as well having played diligently during his days and been around the team for a while as an assistant Coach and also noted that weeding off completely the makeup of the technical crew of the national team is not always needed”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a golden opportunity for him to prove himself as the leader of the team and I wish him all the best” he told

RIP Hon George Oguine: he was a great son of Anara in Imo State

11085_4911734408781_2992398515508437863_n 1509839_4911734848792_5412318395044891911_n 10868201_4911734208776_1127740104403567146_n

Military Troops Patrol Borno Villages To Verify Boko Haram Abduction

Military Troops Patrol Borno Villages To Verify Boko Haram Abduction


Troops are patrolling the general area of Gumsuri in search of terrorists who were said to have attacked the community last weekend, the defence headquarters has said.

A press release by the director of defence information, Major General Chris Olukolade confirms that some people were killed by the terrorists during the attack, he states that efforts are ongoing to verify the reported abductions from credible sources in the community in view of claims by unidentified sources being quoted in some foreign media.

Some of the villagers who fled during the attack have started returning to the village.  Normal life has also returned to the area.  The surveillance and patrol of the area by air and land forces has been stepped up to secure the general area.

Troops have been ordered to sustain an aggressive patrol over the area and the surrounding communities in order to ensure that terrorists do not have any freedom of action in the area while the counter-terrorism campaign continues.




2015: Northern Governors Receive Threats Over Support For President Jonathan

2015: Northern Governors Receive Threats Over Support For President Jonathan

The emergence of a former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, as the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), appears to have changed the political calculations in the northern part of Nigeria.

Sunday Vanguard learnt, last night, from very competent sources, that many of the northern political opinion leaders and groups had decided that all necessary support must be given to Buhari to win the February 14, 2015 presidential election so as to return power to them.

The Chairman of the northern influential group, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Alhaji Ibrahim Coomassie, lent credence to the move when he insisted that power, next year, must shift to the North. Coomassie spoke during an interview with Sunday Vanguard.

But the Presidency, through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, said Nigerians will not vote their next President on the basis of ethnicity.

One of the sources, an influential northern leader and close confidante of President Goodluck Jonathan, revealed that since Buhari’s emergence, the ‘entire North’ had adopted Buhari as its political candidate and was not afraid to stand by him to win the 2015 election.

The PDP big wig pointed out that it was shocking to see how the support base of the APC presidential candidate had evolved beyond political lines, with some radical elements threatening to deal ruthlessly with anyone who betrays Buhari in the North.

“There is a serious change in the political mood in the North since Buhari was elected as the APC candidate last week. Right now, the people do not care whether they are in APC or PDP. All they are interested in is that power must return to the North through the election of the former Head of State”, a northern governor supportive of Jonathan’s presidential bid told Sunday Vanguard, yesterday.

“What is really worrying those of us who are perceived to be pro-Jonathan’s governors or supporters is the open threat messages being made directly to our phones”.
It was learnt that some radical northern leaders have also been sending threat messages to some of their governors and leaders believed to be working for Jonathan’s victory in the 2015 poll to stop the support or be dealt with.

The governor, who spoke to Sunday Vanguard, showed two of such threat messages written in Hausa and English to him,warning him not to betray the North for the President as he did in the last presidential election.

One of the mails came from a ranking federal northern lawmaker while the other was from a man the governor described as his friend.

It was learnt that the current political mood in the North had since been relayed by the security agencies and some friendly PDP governors to Jonathan, who apparently expressed surprise over the turn of events but promised to do something urgent to swing support in his favour.

The President was said to have assured northern governors that he would fulfil the promises he made to them during his 2011 campaign, but it could not be established whether that would be before or after the next election

Chelsea Star, Oscar Causes Internet Storm With Photo Of Him Grabbing ‘TWO WOMEN’S BUTT’ [LOOK]

View image on Twitter

Chelsea star Oscar has raised some eyebrows online after posting up this picture of himself with his wife… and sister.

Oscar, who is clearly a family man, went on Instagram to share the snap of him and his wife working out with his sister at home in London.

The ladies were giving him a kiss during the snap, but the positioning of Oscar’s hand on his sister has set tongues wagging on Twitter, with a few people seemingly pretty uncomfortable with it.

The footballer has since deleted the photo from his Instagram

UNIOSUN ASUU Chairman’s Wife Kidnapped

Unknown gunmen have kidnapped,Funmilayo, the wife of the chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Osun State University (UNIOSUN) chapter, Oluseye Abiona.

Gun-wielding men at the weekend whisked away the wife of the chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Osun State University (UNIOSUN) chapter, Oluseye Abiona.

The woman, Funmilayo, was said to have closed from her shop located at the junction leading to the university, along Ibokun road, Oke-Baale, Osogbo and was heading home in an unregistered Lexus ES 330 ash coloured salon car, before her attackers double-crossed her and whisked her away in their vehicle.

Eye witness account revealed that Funmilayo engaged the hoodlums in hot altercation when she was doubled crossed and reportedly hit one of them with her fist.

How Davido Fans Followed Him To The Toilet At Headies Awards And Caused “Toilet Traffic”

Davido Fans Followed Him To The Toilet

At the Just concluded Headies Award 2014, Its been reported by Punch Saturday Beats that Fans of Davido Followed the Omo Baba olowo Down to the rest room, as the “Owo Ni Koko” crooner had no private time for himself.

Its no doubt that Davido has a massive following as many people are bound to love him and definitely would always want to mob him, thus causing the singer to have not less than nine bodyguards at all times.

Davido Fans Followed Him To The Toilet

At the recently just concluded headies, there was no private time for the Owo ni koko crooner as his fans followed him down to the toilet.

According to Saturday Beats, a reporter witnessed a multitude of fans yelling “DAVIDO” at the Toilet Entrance as the singer couldn’t come out of the toilet for some minutes thus causing a little “Toilet Traffic”.

Actress, Genevieve Nnaji hangs out with Orphaned Kids at The Cinema

Genevieve Nnaji hangs out with Orphaned Kids

Beautiful Award winning Actress, Genevieve Nnaji in the spirit of Christmas had a great time with some orphans at the Cinema today. She shared the above picture with the Caption:

#TheEnd. Remember us? Season’s greetings to everyone!

Kcee Shows Off His Fleet of Cars He Acquired in 2014

Fashion Icon, Limpopo Master, Kcee acquired Four Beautiful, Very Expensive cars this year including a range rover and G-wagon.

2014 has indeed been a really fruitful year for the ‘Fine Face’ crooner. Kcee shared photos of his rides on his instagram page with the captions:

God is good he can do it for you if you believe say #OGADINMA

Thank you God for all your blessings in 2014 He is not a late God he’s able..

kcee 0

kcee 01

USA Finally Reveals: Why We Stopped Buying Nigeria’s Oil

United State Government officials have finally explained why the country suddenly ended its dependence on Nigeria for oil imports. It will be recalled that the US government abruptly terminated oil importation from Nigeria since July, which led to local concerns over the political relationship between Nigeria and USA, and the implication on diplomatic relations.

White House Director for National Economic Council, Mr. Jeff Zients, said the cessation of Nigeria’s oil imports was due to the significant increase in US oil production.

According to the director, “across the last several years, US oil production has ramped up significantly by more than 50 percent to now over eight and a half million barrels per day.”

Essentially, local oil production in the US “has now dramatically reduced our dependency on imports,” Zients noted, adding that “in fact, we now produce more here than we import.”

The Nigerian Guardian says:

The White House official stated that the development is consistent with President Barack Obama’s energy strategy, which has changed “quite a bit over the last few years as we are much less dependent on oil imports.”

That strategy has not only left Nigeria in the lurch, but has generally also driven down the international market price of oil to a ridiculous $60 range by the close of trading on Friday. Oil price, which soared around $100 in September, is now $56.52 for the WTI Crude and $61.38 for the Brent Crude oil.

But Zients and the other US officials at the press briefing did not address the issue of the ongoing importation from other oil producing nations, including OPEC members like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and non-OPEC suppliers like Canada. In fact, as at last month, it was reported that, while US completely halted oil imports from Nigeria, it increased its importation from those three countries.

Lady Claims to Have Been Sleeping with Wizkid for Months, Mocks Tania (Photos)

wizkid tattoo

This is definitely The Story For Today! As an Anonymous Lady who Sent an Email to BellaNaija says She and Wizkid are seeing each other, and they recently had “An Adventurous Night” At Eko Hotel.

The Lady Further Claimed that she has been sleeping with Wizkid, and also wants Wizkid’s Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo to know this. She also has pictures as proof! Check Them Below.

Read her email below:

‘I’ve been seeing wizkid for a long time. He always invites me to Lagos. We had an adventurous night at eko hotel. Very intimate, we had drinks, cuddled, got down and dirty, and he spoiled me with holiday treats and gifts. I choose to stay anonymous so I am using a friends email addy to send dis in. You can see his starboy tattoo, his Rolex, his Porsche, and laptop. Please write dis on d post. ‘In my bed’ my baby Ayodeji. Me and Wizkid have been together for many months. I always have a lovely time wiv him in Lagos. @TaniaOmotayo, if he does this while u are in Lagos, imagine what we do when he comes to my city. He will nvr stop wanting my body in his bed. Lol. She should not disturb my life when I’m wiv my boo. Proof so she will not continue to deceive herself. We love ourselves. He picked me up in his Porsche, we stayed at eko, watched movies on his laptop. He loves to taste me so Tania, how do I taste on his lips?’

Here are the pictures she attached..

Sleeping with Wizkid

Sleeping with Wizkid

Sleeping with Wizkid

wizzy 03

Wyclef Jean Arrives Nigeria, Gets Surrounded By Soldiers

Wyclef Jean Arrives Nigeria

Haitian Hip Hop Singer, Wyclef who received fame as a member of the acclaimed New Jersey Hip Hop Group the Fugee has arrived Nigeria for an Undisclosed Event.

The Grammy-Award winning star on his arrival in Nigeria quickly ran into the arms of security forces as he walks his way through the airport.

Posting on his instagram page he posted: “I just touch Nigeria they call me the “Haitian Nigerian” when I’m here ! I feel at home and very comfortable”

wyclef 01

INEC extends deadline for submission of governorship forms to Dec. 26

Abuja, Dec. 19, 2014(NAN) The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said it had shifted the deadline for the submission of governorship and house of assembly candidates’ forms from Dec. 25 to Dec. 26.

The Chief Press Secretary to INEC chairman, Mr Kayode Idowu, made this known on Thursday in Abuja while speaking with newsmen.

Idowu said the shift in date became necessary because Dec. 25 was Christmas day.

He, however, said that there was no extension in the Dec. 18, deadline set for the submission of Presidential and the National Assembly forms.

Idowu said that there would be no opportunity for any political party that failed to submit its candidates’ forms at 8 p.m. on the last day declared for submission.

He explained that the commission initially intended to close submission of forms at 6 p.m. but that some of the political parties wanted it to be shifted to 12 midnight.

‘’But at a meeting on Monday, the commission and the political parties eventually settled for 8 p.m. deadline.

“For the presidential and National Assemblies elections, deadline is Wednesday Dec. 18, at 8 p.m. for the submission of form CF001 and CF002,’’ he said.

He, however, declined comment on the number of political parties that had submitted their presidential candidates’ forms ahead of the deadline.

Idowu stated that list of the presidential and national assembly candidates would be published on Dec. 25 as provided by the law.

Similarly, he said that names submitted for governorship and house of assembly election, with Dec. 26 as deadline, would be officially published on Jan. 1, 2015.

He explained that there was a constitutional provision for the withdrawal of candidates but that the candidate must write and sign that he or she was withdrawing from this race.

“When he or she does that, the party can bring another name within the stipulated time,’’ he said. (NAN)

My Career Is More Important Than Marriage – Timaya

37 year-old Nigerian superstar singer and dancehall act, Timaya has revealed why he has not proposed to anyone so far.


The Bayelsa native has a babymama but has failed to tie the knot so far and he revealed why the situation in his personal life is so.

He said that in marriage a man has to sacrifice himself to his woman, and he is not ready for that.


He said: “I am not yet ready to get married and anyone who is looking for that is only being deceived because I am too young to get married. Marriage is not all about money and nobody knows what I have in the bank because they are not my accountant. Musicians lie a lot, so don’t believe most of what they tell you.


They are only trying to ‘package’ themselves. I am not prepared for marriage because I am not yet ready to sacrifice for any woman, I am sorry. My daughter is my life and I love her so much but marriage is not on my mind. I don’t want a situation whereby I will tell a woman I want to travel somewhere and she would be complaining.”

Timaya has been one of the best Nigerian acts to come out of the south south, He has ammassed a great number of following since his first album came out couple of years ago.

Fred Amata Is Happy For My New Marriage – Ibinabo Fibresima

After her traditional marriage, Ibinabo Fibresima has said that her hard prayers have finally been answered.


The beautiful actress and IGN president opened up to Thisday and revealed that her former lover Fred Amata is happy for her as she ties the knot with her new love.

Ths is the first time that the mother of three has gotten married and she spoke of her relatioship with her ex Fred Amata.


What’s the secret behind your beauty? 

Wow. I know am blossoming but that is what happens when you are in love. I have found my soul mate, my friend, my brother and that’s why I am glowing.

How did you feel when you noticed you are crazy about him?

Well, it’s not that I suddenly found that love. The love has been there and we have been best of friends since our school days at University of Ibadan and when we met again years after, we remained best of friends. His kids and mine have always been wondering how both of us can be this close, almost like a brother and a sister. I think the kids planned it; they were like why don’t you two just get married and we started thinking. After a while, we felt this is God telling us its time and that’s it.

Can you share the experience of how he proposed to you?

(Laughs) He is an Igbo man oh! I think the kids planned it more than we did. That’s how it is because the day he asked me, my kids were calling. His kids too were calling and they were all abroad while we were in Nigeria. So everybody was eager to know my reply. His kids were like, ‘Daddy, have you asked her?’ My own kids too were also calling to say, ‘Mummy, hope you said yes?’ (Laughs.) It was a beautiful moment and everybody was happy.

What drives you crazy about him?

He looks after a woman very well. He adores me and he is a family-oriented person. He loves his family. He loves us totally and he is very committed to his work. He encourages me a lot in what I do and we pray a lot. We have the fear of God which is paramount in our relationship. I think we are heading in the right direction and of course, with my kind of lifestyle and the kind of work I do, every man will withdraw. But no, he is always there, giving me the strength, support and ideas to improve on what I am doing. So, I really do admire him.

You have tried to settle down several times in the past, why did the efforts fail?

I believe God wanted a better man for me that is why my past relationships failed. Besides, my previous relationship did not work because I was not patient enough. I tried my best to make it work. I prayed severally and I wept. I even went the extra mile just to make it work, but I never knew God had a better plan for me. I did all I could to have a man I can call my own but God knows best and his reason are unquestionable. Until I found my man, I have never enjoyed my relationships. Marriage to me is supposed to be enjoyed not endured. That is the major reason why I am settling down with someone that understands me properly. My man is very romantic and caring. That is what I asked from God and he gave it to me.

How is your relationship with Fred Amata, the father of your kid?

I can never ignore Fred. He is my daughter’s father and a wonderful friend. I will never disrespect him. Even if I am with a man, I must always walk up to him and greet him. Some people wouldn’t do that. I have seen people who got separated and divorced and they don’t speak to each other in public. I will never do that. Even if we had quarreled before the event, I would still walk up to him and greet him. He is still my true friend.

Is Fred Amata in support of your marriage?
Yes! Fred is aware of my marriage plans. He is not an enemy. Since marriage did not work out for the two of us. He gave me is support. He is very happy about it and I know he will continue to wish me well because we are still good friends. Fred is my daughter’s father. Yes, he knows about my marriage. He supports my marriage.
Will he attend your wedding?
Of course, yes! I have sent an invitation to him and I know he will come. But one thing you must know is that whether he is coming or not, the truth is Ibinabo is finally hooked for life.

Nollywood Actress,  and president of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fibersima will exchange marital vows with her fiancee, Uche Egbuka

Pro-Jonathan Northern Governors Under Threat From Buhari Supporters


Indication has emerged that some groups in the north are rallying support for the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), former Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the 2015 presidential election, with northern governors supporting President Goodluck Jonathan alleged to have been receiving threat messages warning them to stop supporting Jonathan or be dealt with.

“There is a serious change in the political mood in the North since Buhari was elected as the APC candidate last week. Right now, the people do not care whether they are in APC or PDP. All they are interested in is that power must return to the North through the election of the former Head of State,” a northern governor in Jonathan’s camp told Vanguard.

“What is really worrying those of us who are perceived to be pro-Jonathan’s governors or supporters is the open threat messages being made directly to our phones.”

The governor showed two of the threat messages he received, which were written in Hausa and English, warning him not to betray the North for the President as he did in the last presidential election.

According to him, one of the mails came from a top national assembly member from the north, while the other was from a man the governor described as his friend.

The Presidency, through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, however maintained that Nigerians will not vote their next President on the basis of ethnicity.

As it stands, Buhari’s support base transcends party lines, with several influential northern leaders and groups persuading and threatening northerners, as the case may be, to ensure they all work for the former head of state’s election next year.

But the President was said to have assured northern governors supporting him that he would fulfill the promises he made to them during his 2011 campaign, urging them to continue supporting him.

The presidential election holds in February 2015. Although there are more than a dozen political parties in Nigeria, the race for presidency is between the candidates of the APC and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Army Was Last Kitted During Shagari’s Era


Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe has admitted that the Nigerian army is ill-equipped.

The army have often complained that it lacks adequate military hardware to prosecute the war against Boko Haram, which has led to some soldiers refusing to go on operations sanctioned by their superiors in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria’s northeast. The presidential aide’s comment in a recent interview with Vanguard therefore lays credence to their complaints, but he said the military has itself to blame for this.

“The last time the military was kitted was during Shagari’s era. During the time of Obasanjo, some efforts were made to bring some equipment from China but that did not work,” Okupe said.

“The military deliberately under-equipped its people because the military was preoccupied with its own security,” he explained. “It did not want its constituency to create problem. The last major procurement in the army was during Shagari’s era.”

The presidential aide however explained further that the money meant for the military in the budget is not for procurement of military hardware. “A large part of the budget so far, is often dedicated to recurrent expenditure. Majority of the money you see in the budget is for the upkeep of the personnel,” he said.

“Security agencies were the ones that acquired intelligence gadgets, it was not the military. We had challenges in the military and government is doing its best to overcome these challenges.”

Okupe dismissed insinuations that local hunters were leading the fight to recapture towns taken by Boko Haram. According to him, what they did in most of the operations was just to help soldiers navigate the areas easily as they know the terrain better. “The needed fire power still comes from the Nigerian Army.”

“I don’t know why it is easier to believe that hunters who are using dane guns and arrows are the ones that are chasing the insurgents away,” Okupe wondered.

He however noted that “The military does not intend to take on anybody on this issue. They are rejigging their arrangement.

“In the last four weeks, virtually all the places that the insurgents had put their flags have been taken over by the military. Peace has returned and most of the areas have been recovered from the insurgents.”

Stomach Infrastructure: Fayose Distributes 80,000 Birds, 100,000 Bags Of Rice To The Less Privileged, Widows


Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose, yesterday distributed at least 80,000 birds, 100,000 bags of rice and sums of money to the less privileged, widows and the aged in the state, as part of his stomach infrastructure programme.

According to a press statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr Idowu Adelusi, some of the elderly, who received gifts at the governor’s office, could not hide their joy at the rare opportunity. They offered prayers for the governor and members of his cabinet.

After giving out packages to everyone who showed up at his office, Fayose was reported to have gone to markets in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital with some packages for those who could come to his office, with a promise that all the 16 local governments had designated centres for the distribution.

Speaking with journalists, Fayose reiterated his commitment to the welfare of the people of Ekiti, who, “against all odds”, returned him to office after eight years.

The governor’s victory challenged by the All Progressives Congress (APC) was last week affirmed by an election tribunal.

54 Soldiers Sentenced To Death For Mutiny By The Nigerian Military

A military court in Nigeria has sentenced 54 soldiers to death after they were found guilty of mutiny. The soldiers were convicted tonight in Abuja on a two-count charge of criminal conspiracy to commit mutiny, while four other soldiers were acquitted.

The convicted soldiers mostly officers involved in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the northern part of Nigeria are to die on stakes, by firing squad.

Their trial began on October 15 on allegations that they disobeyed higher authorities on orders to join operations against the Boko Haram sect, before they were found guilty today.

They will be the second batch of Nigerian soldiers condemned to death by Nigerian Military courts for mutiny.

How Tinubu Outsmarted Amaechi, Oshiomhole, Others to Present Osinbajo as Buhari’s Running Mate


Contrary to the widely held believe that former Lagos State governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was interested in becoming the running mate of General Muhammadu Buhari, he has never thought he was going to emerged as the vice presidential candidate of the APC.

Rather, the whole show put up by Tinubu was a stunt to get leaders of the party, particularly those from the South East and South South zone to accept the nomination of Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate.

According to an insider who spoke to ABUSIDIQU on the condition of anonymity, presenting Osinbajo as Buhari’s running mate would have failed if Tinubu had not put up the front of wanting to become the vice presidential candidate.

The source said Tinubu had on Monday flew into Abuja from Lagos to present Osinbajo as his nominee for the VP slot, having been given that privilege by General Buhari to pick his choice from the south west zone.

The choice of Osinbajo was agreed at a Sunday night/Monday Monday meeting of APC chieftains from the South West attended by Tinubu himself and many other party leaders from the zone including the immediate past National Chairman of the party, Bisi Akande, the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the National Convention Committee of the party, Kayode Fayemi, governors Babatunde Fashola [Lagos], Ibikunle Amosun [Ogun], Rauf Aregbesola [Osun] and Abiola Ajimobi [Oyo].

Others present at the meeting include Segun Oni [Deputy National Chairman, South], Pius Akinyelure [Vice Chairman, South West], Tajudeen Olawutan Bello [National Financial Secretary], Lai Mohammed [National Publicity Secretary], and Muiz Banire [National Legal Adviser].


However, when Tinubu got to Abuja and presented Osinbajo to the enlarged house of the party leaders, he was out rightly rejected by leaders from the South South zone.

But Tinubu who had already sensed that the choice of Osinbajo was going to be rejected at the meeting came with a plan B. It was at this point that he indicated interest that he was going to nominate himself for the Vice presidential slot, knowing fully well that his choice was going to be a hrad nut to crack for the APC leaders.

At a follow up meeting to the Monday night meeting in Abuja, Tinubu did not turn up. However, he sent a delegation of South West leaders of the party to inform the meeting that he is interested in picking the VP slot and that the South West has already endorsed him as their consensus candidate.

As expected, the announcement of Tinubu’s interest infuriated many of the party leaders to the extent that Governor Rochas Okorocha and Atiku Abubakar, both of them presidential aspirants that were defeated by Buhari at the presidential primaries in Lagos walked out of the meeting.

The party had earlier agreed that it was not going to field a Muslim/Muslim ticket so as not to give credit to the perception that the APC is a Muslim party. It was this position that inubu cashed on, leaving the party leaders with the choice of picking him, a Muslim to pair with Buhari or picking Osinbajo, a Christian to pair with Buhari.

Although, the Monday night meeting of the party leaders that spilled into the early hours of Tuesday discussed other candidates like Governors Rotimi Amaechi, Adams Oshimhole and former governor Kayode Fayemi, the party leaders were left with only two choices- Tinubu or Osinbajo.

The two choices notwithstanding, party leader from the South East and South South zone were adamant and wanted other potential candidates from the two regions be given considerations.

But Tinubu, with the backing of leaders of th eparty from the South West insisted the VP slot be given to Tinubu and since the party had decided against a Muslim/Muslim ticket, they were left with no choice but to leave the decision to General Muhammadu Buhari.

But to ensure that the party leaders do not disagree with the choice of Osinbano which had already been agreed with Buhari, the announcement was deliberately delayed, while Tinubu stepped up his game plan suggesting he is very much in the race for the VP slot.

This according to a very reliable source necessitated the deliberate inclusion of accusing the presidency of wanting to block Tinubu’s chances to emerge as Buhari’s running mate in the right of reply Tunubu Media Office wrote to SaharaReporters over claims that he was blackmailed by President Jonathan before the 2011.

However, a credible source told ABUSIDIQU that it was all plot to ensure that other party leaders who are opposed to the nomination of Osinbajo are left with no choice if they do not want him as a Muslim on the ticket with Buhari.

While this was going on, meetings were still being held by the party leaders where Osinbajo was finally accepted.

Another insider source who corroborated the information said Tinubu could not have gone to Abuja to say he was interested in the ticket when Osinbajo has already been presented to leaders of the South West zone, including traditional rulers and other notable figures.

He said Tinubu as very clever politicians just had to put up that stunt so that he could get his way in the party.

Asked if the stunt is not a way of showing too much control over other leaders of the part, the source said this is politics. He only played his game well.

Another source said Tinubu is very much interested in the APC in sending President Jonathan packing from Aso rock in 2015, which is why he supported the candidature of General Muhammadu Buhari whom he believed has more chances in defeating the president than any of the other four aspirants.

The source added that Tinubu with that interest would not have done anything that would give the PDP and president Jonathan a chance of remaining at the presidency in 2015.

Interestingly, Tinubu has also released a statement stating that the interest of the nation is more than that of his personal interest, which is why he decided to back out of his nomination to be considered as the Running mate to general Buhari.

Pastor Adeboye Denies Twitter Account Endorsing Osinbajo as Buhari’s Running Mate

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has denied that the church endorsed the aspiration of one of its pastors, Prof. Yemi Osibajo, as the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Osibajo, who pastors the Olive branch of the RCCG on Banana Island, Lagos, on Wednesday emerged the running mate of General Muhammadu Buhari.

Adeboye, while reacting to the subtle endorsement of Osibajo by a Twitter handle: @rccgworldwide, presumed to be the official Twitter handle of the RCCG, denounced the page.

He said in a Tweet credited to him on @rccghq: “RCCG is not affiliated nor represented by @rccgworldwide.

“The church’s official twitter page is @rccghq.”

In no fewer than four other tweets, the church equally faulted the endorsement of Osibajo by the creators of @rccgworldwide.

One of the tweets by the Pastors Seed reads: “RCCG has not celebrated anybody for any position in the forthcoming elections! The #OfficialRCCG handle is @rccghq. Do not be misled.”

Another reads: “We are a mission and we do not meddle into politics #RCCG #OfficialRCCG @RCCGworldwide is wrong.”

Another said: “#OfficialRCCG – @rccghq We do not denounce neither do we endorse candidacies for elections. We are not a political party.”

Similarly, on his Facebook page – PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE – the revered cleric posted the following statement.

“On behalf of The Governing Council of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, we would like to inform the public that RCCG is not affiliated nor represented by @rccgworldwide

Tinubu Replies SaharaReporters Over Report on How Jonathan Blackmailed Before 2011 Presidential Election

RIGHT OF REPLY- “Threat of Perjury Trial: How Jonathan Blackmailed Bola Tinubu before 2011 Presidential Election

 Season Of the Wrong Knives-Sahara Reporters Mis-Reports

The unfolding smear campaign against former Lagos governor and leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, is no surprise. It had been in the works for years since the Jonathan-led government realized that Tinubu commanded a powerful political followership. The successful merger and birth of the APC posed the most potent threat to the PDP and Tinubu an architect of the merger has become a marked man.The thought of a Buhari-Tinubu ticket confounds the PDP hierarchy and their crisis-battered president. That Tinubu might be nominated as General Buhari’s running mate also incenses the small element within the APC who joined the party not for its progressive vision but to exploit its platform to press forward their vision of themselves. Having failed at halting General Buhari’s bid, the PDP disinformation machine has thrown itself into overdrive trying to stymie the selection of Tinubu. Sadly, some elements within the APC – elevating their personal ambition over party and national interests — have lent themselves to this endeavor.

During the Nazi takeover of Germany, madman Adolf Hitler became jealous of those within his own party who showed independent thought and who would not allow themselves to be bent just so he could satisfy his megalomania. Outraged, he engineered a purge executing the lot of them. This bloody scheme became known as the “night of the long knives.” In Nigeria, we have entered the “season of the wrong knives.”

The recent report on  one of the online news websites on the allegations bordering on his academic qualification is not new. What is new is how desperate they have become to stir up a new controversy using an old lie. In the past these allegations were successfully rebutted. Recent attempt to present them as fresh allegations will not go unchallenged.

The online report, published by Sahara Reporters, claims that Tinubu withdrew his support for the ACN in the 2011 election due to blackmail by the president. It is rather odd that this report colors Tinubu as the villain. If the report were true, he would be a victim. President Jonathan and his administration would be guilty of the high crime of extortion. This tiny consideration seemed not to dawn on the authors of this scurrilous piece; so fixated on stabbing Tinubu, they implicate their own boss in wrongdoing. So eager to please their master, Jonathan’s mindless men further ensnare him.


If Tinubu had been scared off in 2011, it would make no sense for him to spearhead the formation of the APC against the same president. If the president had such control over TInubu why didn’t the president use that leverage earlier to scuttle the APC before it gained a strong position in the political space?  The story makes no logical sense.

The particular accusations in the story further reveal the malice of mind of those peddling it. They claim Tinubu did not attend Chicago State University. They cite as their evidence a letter from the US Consulate. But if you read the letter carefully, the surname stated is “TinubO” not “TinubU.” If the University did a computer check on that name, the check would come up empty. The culprits likely misspelled the last name so that the name search would reveal nothing. This is clever but immoral; it is a wrong knife.

Meanwhile, Tinubu has genuine documents and pictures showing him as an award-winning student at the school. Nigeria should be proud that one of its own graduated an honor student from an American university over thirty years ago when that was more of a rarity than it is today. Instead, his detractors want to pretend he never set foot on campus.

As late as August 2012, Tinubu visited the university and was given a special reception and a tour by the school’s president. This would not have been done for a stranger. It would have been done for a distinguished alumnus.

After graduation, Tinubu landed jobs with two well established international companies, one the accounting firm Deloitte and Touche and the other, ExxonMobil. Such companies investigate an applicant’s academic background. If he had not attended school, these companies would not have hired him. He would not have excelled in them but he did.

The rumor about drug running is the lowest form of calumny.  He has never been arrested, charged or indicted for any drug-related crime. Had any such suspicion existed, the American government would not have granted him political asylum during the Abacha era. Under American law, asylum cannot attach to anyone who has broken or offended that same law.

Moreover, Tinubu travels frequently to the states. This means he has a visa. American law prohibits visa issuance to anyone reasonably suspected of drug dealing, let along being convicted of the same.

If I were Tinubu, I would place a wager with the PDP. He should offer to fly to America if the PDP would also send Mr. Kashamu. Both can fly to Chicago. Then he should bet the PDP who would return to Nigeria first. We all know the answer.

There is a vicious campaign to deter Tinubu from the APC ticket; this campaign is being run from the PDP’s basement. They fear him. They cannot assail his competence and experience. He has been an able senator and governor. They cannot assail his commitment to democracy. He has personally sacrificed more for democracy than all the PDP hierarchy combined. They fear his ability to campaign, to get out the vote and to protect that vote, especially in the southwest because they know that is the pivotal region where the election will likely be won or lost.

These assailants desperately try to scuttle Tinubu’s potential candidacy. In that the truth offers them no solace, they resort to lies. They seek to ambush the man under cover of innuendo and untruth. But their aim is off and their knives are wrong. In the end, what they use to injure him will turn to point against them. Such is the outcome when one engages in malice.

Thus, they seek to prevent a person who may be controversial yet he is perhaps Nigeria’s most able and versatile politician, strategist and policy maker. For perhaps the most gifted politician of his time not to seek national office is a luxury a nation in this dire circumstance can ill afford. In the end, governance has little to do with religion, region or rumor. It has to do with vision and competence. The wrong knives will never be able to cut that truth.
Tinubu Media Office, TMO

“Arrest and prosecute Ayogu Eze for uttering and forgery of result Sheet”, PDP tells Police

Ayogu Eze
The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Enugu State Chapter, has petitioned the Nigeria Police over the alleged forgery of the party’s December 8, 2014 governorship primary election result sheet by Senator Ayogu Eze who was one of the governorship aspirants in the state.
In a petition dated December 17, 2014 and signed by the state Chairman of the party, Mr. Ikeje Asogwa, the PDP raised an alarm over the plot by the Senator to truncate the party’s successful primary election in the state with forged documents.
Narrating the alleged criminal act committed by the aspirant, Asogwa said:  “The Peoples Democratic Party Primary election to elect a Governorship flag bearer for Enugu State took place at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu on 8th December, 2014.
“The party, from the National headquarters, appointed a five-man electoral committee to conduct the primaries for the election of the Governorship candidate for Enugu State. The members of the panel were King Asara A. Asara (Chairman), Barrister Ukpai Ukairo (Secretary), Barrister Saratu Umar, Engr. Alamu Adeyemi and myself as the State Chairman of the party.
“The members came with the official result sheets from the party headquarters, as well as the ballot papers and other materials required to conduct the primary election.  At the end of the electoral exercise, the members issued a result of the election wherein they returned Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as having won the election.
“Surprisingly, Senator Ayogu Eze who was a candidate at the said primary election has now uttered a result purporting same to be the result of the said primary election of 8th December, 2014.  The said result was produced on a forged result sheet purporting same to be the result sheet of the Peoples Democratic Party”.
Giving further details with attached alleged evidences, Mr. Asogwa added: “I hereby enclose the original result sheet of the party, which has the name of the party, the logo of the party, the address of the national Secretariat and the serial number of the result sheet issued out to the panel, the signatures of the National Chairman, the National Secretary, the National Organizing Secretary, the returning officer and the Electoral Officer. I mark same as Annexure I.
“I also annex as Annexure 2, the purported result of the primary election written on the furged result sheet purporting same to be the result sheet of the party. A look at this Annexure 2 will show that it does not contain the essentials of the authentic result sheet of the party as enumerated above”.
The State party Chairman further told the police that Senator Eze allegedly uttered the forged document and used same in the processes he filed at the Federal High Court Abuja and urged the police authorities to investigate the matter and take necessary steps to “arrest and prosecute Senator Ayogu Eze for the uttering and forgery of PDP Result sheet in accordance with the dictates of the law.”

Lagos Deputy Gov’s Father Dies At 101

Father of Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, the Lagos State Deputy Governor, Prince Jimoh Kareem-Orelope has died at the age of 101 on Thursday.

A statement from the Special Assistant (Media) to the Deputy Governor, Tunde Abatan said Pa Kareem-Orelope was born to Akeja Oniyanru and Olugbede Royal families of Lagos State on the 25 February 1913.

The statement read: “The death has been announced of a devout Islamic and community leader and politician in Lagos State, Alhaji Prince Jimoh Kareem-Laka Orelope.

The statement said Pa Jimoh Laka would be remembered for his philanthropic gestures to the less privileged and his commitment to community development and the propagation of the Islamic faith.

A politician of high repute, he is survived by wife, children, grand children and great grandchildren, among who is the incumbent deputy governor of Lagos state, Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire.

Pa Laka will be buried tomorrow (Friday) in accordance with Islamic rites.

Inside the secret military trial leading to death sentence for 54 soldiers

On Wednesday, the Nigerian Army’s 7 division General Court Martial convicted 54 soldiers for conspiracy to commit mutiny and mutiny and sentenced them to death by firing squad.

In a trial that began in October, the soldiers, from the 111 Special Forces, were charged for disobeying a direct order from their commanding officer, Timothy Opurum, a Lieutenant Colonel, to take part in an operation to recapture Delwa, Bulabulin and Damboa in Borno State from Boko Haram terrorists on August 4.

Some of the accused soldiers testified that they refused to take part in the operation following the failure of the army to provide them with the necessary support equipment.

They explained that owing to a lack of equipment, they lost three officers, 23 soldiers plus 83 others suffering various degrees of injuries after their units were ambushed by Boko Haram fighters during an operation to retake the town of Bulabulin in Borno on July 9.

Some of the accused soldiers said they did not attend the briefing where the operation was announced, while others said they did not join the mission because they were ill and there was no medical personal attached to their unit to give medical assistance. Two other soldiers said they were given leave to attend to some administrative problems as at the time of the briefing.

Much of the trial was conducted in secret as journalists were barred mid-way into the deliberations.

PREMIUM TIMES has now obtained a copy of the closing addresses of the prosecution and defence just before the soldiers were convicted and sentenced. Below are some of the main points argued by opposing counsel.

The Prosecution

The prosecuting counsel, J.E. Nwosu, an army captain, in his closing address, argued that the soldiers conspired to commit mutiny by refusing to obey a direct order from their commanding officer to take part in the operation.

Citing related cases and judgements, Mr. Nwosu argued that on the first count of conspiracy to commit mutiny, the accused need not have met, held a meeting or communicated with one another to fall foul of the charge.

“My Lords, as the court held in Nwosu Vs The State (supra), proof of how the conspirators connected with or among themselves is not necessary,” he said. “Indeed these soldiers need not know each other.  They need not have even started the conspiracy at the same time.  Also express words need not pass between each and every one of the conspirators who do not even have to meet physically.”

He said the soldiers were walking “lackadaisically” in camp and refused to attend the briefing. He said they refused to leave their trenches and tents even after the commanding officer personally went to them individually to plead with them to be part of the operation. He said the soldiers’ demand for provision of adequate support equipment before they take part in the operation was a “hollow excuse.”

“The situation was so terrible that commissioned officers had to drive operational vehicles themselves since Bn [battalion] drivers were part of the mutineers,” he said. “All the actions of the accused soldiers happened at the same time and the prosecution contends strongly that they shared a common criminal intention to mutinise against the authority of 7 Div.  The prosecution humbly submits that there must not be a formal meeting of the conspirators before they could be said to have conspired,” he said.

Mr. Nwosu argued that the soldiers were guilty of mutiny as charged for refusing to obey a direct order from a superior to take part in an operation for which they are paid. He said the soldiers chose to join voluntarily and should have explored the available channel of leaving if they felt they cannot cope.

“My Lords, as very senior officers, you are aware that the (Nigerian Army) is not a conscript army. Joining the NA [Nigerian Army] is a voluntary act and if a service personnel feels he cannot cope, there is a procedure for discharge which these soldiers are familiar with. The NA is not an organization with a trade union where members down tools to protest poor wages or poor working conditions.

“We strongly argue that their decision not to participate in the operation was not excusable. The prosecution submits that this second element has been proved before the court and therefore urges the court to so hold.”

The Defence

The defence team, made up of Femi Falana, a senior lawyer, and O.A. Oyebanji, a retired army major, opened its closing address by pointing out that its objection to the judge advocate of the GCM [General Court Martial], who is the legal adviser of the Commander, Army Headquarters Garrison, which conveyed the GCM handling the case, was overruled.

Citing definitions of mutiny from several legal authorities, the defence argued that the first count (conspiracy to commit munity) was a duplication and thus defective as conspiracy is embedded in the definition of mutiny. It also added that the count did not disclose the act of mutiny the soldiers conspired to commit.

“We therefore submit that count one is bad for duplicity,” the defence argued. “We also wish to submit that this charge as preferred is vague and ambiguous. The particular of offence didn’t disclose the actual act of mutiny which the 59 accused soldiers conspired to commit.

“My Lords, it is not part of our system of criminal justice that the contents of a charge should be subject of speculation and inference. The law is clear that the essential elements of an offence should be disclosed in a charge.”

Mr. Falana also said that the charge as it was presented violates the soldiers’ constitutional and human rights to fair trial and so should be quashed.

Arguing that the charge of conspiracy purports an agreement between two or more persons, he stated that the prosecution failed to prove that there were prior agreements by the accused to commit the alleged crime.

“My Lords, from the totality of evidence adduced in the course of this trial, the prosecution has failed to establish that there was an agreement between the 59 accused soldiers to commit mutiny. It is strongly contended that the prosecution has failed to establish the existence of any previous agreement to be mutinous in the face of irrefutable evidence that all the accused soldiers were not in the same place on that day so could not have formed the necessary common intention to ground a charge of conspiracy.”

He argued that the court-martial lacks the jurisdiction to hear the case since the soldiers belonged to the 111 Special Forces Battalion and not the 7 Division. He asked the GCM to dismiss the case on that ground.

On the second count of mutiny, Mr. Falana said the order from the commanding officer was an aberration of Nigerian military protocol where commanding officers are not allowed to pass orders directly to soldiers. He said since the commanding officer did not follow laid down army protocol, the order was not legitimate and the soldiers were under no obligation to obey it.

“Was the order legitimate and did the order followed the normal and standard procedure in the Nigerian Army for such an order? The obvious truth is that a Commanding Officer has no business giving operational orders or order to advance directly to soldiers. It is within the general service knowledge that a Commanding Officer is not expected and should never descend to the level of directly giving an order to a platoon or section to advance.”

Mr. Falana argued that soldiers demanding better weapon to fight the enemy could not be said to have been involved in mutiny. He also added that from evidence provided during the trial, the accused soldiers have distinguished themselves in previous combats with the insurgents and thus could not be accused of cowardice.

To buttress the gallantry of the soldiers, the defence counsel recalled how the soldiers were mobilised to extricate their commanding officer and other soldiers who had been pinned by superior fire from Boko Haram in Delwa on August 20. He said the soldiers did not only carry out the mission successfully, but also managed to recapture the town from the insurgents.

“We therefore submit that the accused soldiers didn’t deliberately and by collusion disobey the order given by the Commanding Officer,” Mr. Falana said. “They only requested for adequate support weapons commensurate to the weapons being used by the insurgents. They never said that they won’t fight rather they were ready and willing to fight if they are properly equipped. Their actions rather than strike at the foundation of discipline have ensured cohesion and unity. They had fought the Boko Haram insurgents with courage, commitment and loyalty to their country.  They deserved commendation and not condemnation.”

In a statement Thursday, Mr. Falana faulted the conviction of the soldiers, saying the court-martial refused to consider the evidence led in court.

“Apart from the fact that the Prosecution did not lead any scintilla of evidence to prove the 2-count charge of conspiracy and mutiny against any of the convicts the Court-martial did not consider the defence of the soldiers in any material particular,” said Mr. Falana.

“We submit that the oath of allegiance taken by the accused soldiers is not a license to commit suicide. It is a solemn undertaking to defend the nation based on the expectation that the Federal Government would have complied with Section 217 of the Constitution on the mandatory requirement to equip the armed forces adequately.

He said the convicted soldiers were sent on a suicide mission by army authorities, ill-equipped and poorly motivated.

“The soldiers were in the SF 111 Batallion which has 174 instead of 750 soldiers,” said Mr. Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

“The soldiers in the Batallion were neither equipped nor motivated. They are young men whose ages range between 21 and 25. Most of them joined the army in 2012.

“With little or no training whatsoever they were deployed to fight the dreaded Boko Haram sect.”

Mr. Falana also accused the army hierarchy of diverting funds allocated for payment of salaries and allowances of soldiers and for purchase of arms and ammunition.

“Instead of bringing such unpatriotic officers to book the military authorities have engaged in the diversionary tactics of wasting the lives of innocent soldiers by sentencing them to death without any legal justification,” Mr. Falana said.

Mechanic apprentice remanded for raping neighbour’s daughter

An Iyaganku Magistrates’ Court, Ibadan on Wednesday remanded at the Agodi Prison, an 18-year-old mechanic apprentice, Tirimisiyu Badmus, over alleged defilement of his neighbour’s four-year-old daughter.

The Magistrate, Mrs Munirat Giwa-Babalola ordered Badmus to be remanded in prison custody and the case file forwarded to the state Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

The court did not take the plea of the accused.

Giwa-Babalola later adjourned the case till February 24, 2015 for mention.

The accused, whose address was not provided, is facing a charge of having unlawful carnal knowledge of his neighbour’s child.

The Prosecutor, Corporal Oluseye Akinola told the court that Badmus forcefully had unlawful carnal knowledge of the girl and inflicted injury on her private part.

Akinola said that the offence was committed on December 8, at about 7.30p.m., at No. 9, Osunkaye Street, Bodija Railway Compound, Ibadan.

He said that the offence contravened Section 218 of the Criminal Code, Cap. 38, Vol. 11, Laws of Oyo State 2000.



An Owerri  High Court yesterday  granted bail to the wife of Activist Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. Samuelson’s bail hearing will come up in January 2015. Iwuoha, the immediate past Media Aide to the Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly and his wife Chioma, were arrested on June 3rd  2014 over the alleged killing of one Frankline Okolie near Iwuoha’s house at Willie Elezieanya Street, Ikenegbu Owerri.

The arrest of the Activist is regarded as political victimization as he is known for criticizing government policies. One notable fact is that  the families of the deceased have said severally that Iwuoha and his wife have no hand in the  murder of their son. After two months in police detention, the couple were charged to the Magistrate Court sitting in Owerri for murder.

The Presiding Magistrate remarked that her court lacked the jurisdiction to entertain a murder case. She remanded the couple in the Federal Prisons, Owerri and directed the police counsel to forward the case file to the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP) for further action. Various Human  Rights organizations  and  lawyers have been battling for their release.

Nicki Minaj breaks down while talking about ex, says ‘I don’t even know how to function without this person’


Nicki Minaj breaks down while talking about longtime boyfriend Safaree who she broke up with recently during an interview with Angie Martinez Power 105.1 yesterday Wednesday Dec. 17th

“You know what’s funny, I’ve never been single for the 15 years of my life” Nicki said.

When asked if it was weird to find herself single again, Nicki said “I don’t even know if I’m single now either which is weird too.”. Then she talked about her break up with Safare

“This is not someone I picked off the street, this is someone I grew up with. I don’t even know how I’m going to function without this person. I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without this person so I don’t really know how to function. Sometimes I want to tell him stuff, get his opinion but..” And then she breaks down. Angie offered her tissues

Nicki and Safaree Samuels above

After Sealing Deal Worth $78m, 50 Cent Celebrated By Eating Toasts Bread With Dollar Bills I Photos

50 Cent has his hands in multiple business ventures including headphones, Vitamin Water and a G-Unit clothing line. Now you can add underwear to that list. The music mogul recently posted a message to Instagram that says he closed a deal with Frigo RevolutionWear that totaled $78 million.
There has been no clarification whether that all goes to 50 or if that’s the sum for all of the celebrities involved (Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland).

Lagos SSG Oluranti Adegbule picked as Ambode’s running mate


Mrs. Oluranti Adgebule, Secretary to the Lagos State Government (SSG), under Governor Babatunde Fashola has been nominated to be the running mate to Akinwunmi Ambode, APC’s Guber Candidate for Lagos State in the 2015 Elections. Mrs Adegbule has a PHD in Islamic studies

INEC has given all registered  political parties in Nigeria today December 18th as the deadline of submission of all candidates to the Commission.