Mob Sets Two Ablaze Over Alleged Okada Theft In Nasarawa


MobA mob on Tuesday set ablaze two men over alleged attempted to steal a commercial motorcycle popularly known as okada at Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Ismaila Numan, confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria in Nasarawa.

Numan said the mob set the suspects ablaze after being caught allegedly trying to snatch an Okada in the area.

He said the policemen from the nearest divisional command, raced to the area after receiving a distress call.

“But before our men got to the scene of the incident, the two suspects were already set ablaze by the mob while the third suspect ran away”, he said.

Numan explained that before police could get to the scene, one of the two suspects set ablaze died while “our men were able to rescue the second one alive”.

He however said the rescued suspect died while he was being taken to the hospital.

Numan said the command had commenced investigation into the matter with a warning to members of the public to desist from taking the laws into their hands.

Enugu 2015: Ayogu Eze Insists On Primary, Says He Won’t Be Ambushed Into Dropping Gov. Ambition



The Senator representing Enugu North Senatorial District on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ayogu Eze, has denied reports claiming he has withdrawn interest in the Enugu State governorship race.

Eze, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Works, also debunked reports that a consensus candidate has been picked for the PDP governorship ticket in Enugu State.

He said: “I wish to state clearly and unambiguously that I’ve not and will not step down for any anointed candidate. I ‘m still squarely in the race for the Enugu Lion Building in 2015”.

On why he attended the meeting where the decision was said to have been taken to endorse House of Representatives member, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, as the PDP sole candidate, Senator Eze said he was ambushed.

Narrating the events leading up to the endorsement, the senator said he was invited to a meeting presided over by Governor Sulivan Chime at the Governor’s Lodge in Enugu and that prior to his arrival, the agenda of the meeting was not circulated while the criterion for selecting a consensus candidate from among those attending the meeting was not made known to him.

He stated that during the meeting, he made it known that he was not bound by the decisions reached.

“Democracy is about elections and the will of the people, those elements of democracy will be put to test when we arrive the field for the primaries”, he said.

The lawmaker said he will gladly accept the outcome of the primary election and go the extra mile to work for the party once a candidate emerged, insisting, however, that he cannot be ambushed into dropping out from the race.

“Let me state categorically that my respect for the governor and leader of PDP in Enugu State is not diminished in anyway by this development. My loyalty to the party is also unalloyed”, he explained further.

Boko Haram: Two Shekau’s Down; Who’s Next?

By now, the Nigerian military should be picking up a few useful insights into guerrilla warfare, which is going to be the preferred face of armed confrontation in the foreseeable future. During the conflict in the Niger Delta between the militants and the Nigerian Armed Forces, the militants used two names to issue public statements and threats: Jomo Gbomo and Cynthia Whyte.

Gbomo has fallen mute since the 2011 Independence Day bombing in Abuja, when the leader of MEND, Henry Okah, was apprehended and put on trial in South Africa.

It is Cynthia Whyte that is still talking any time MEND or those parading with the name issue a threat or claim responsibility for some mishap in the Niger Delta to prove they are still active even after five years of the Amnesty programme.

Boko Haram under its founder, Mohammed Yusuf, was not more than its predecessor jihadist anarchists led by Maitatsine and “Musa Makaniki” in Maiduguri and Jimeta, respectively in the 1980s. But when he was captured and killed and the original Abubakar Shekau emerged, Boko Haram assumed the toga of a full guerrilla outfit, feeding off sumptuous funding, floating arsenal of the deposed Muammar Gadhafi armoury and internal sabotage in the military and government by Boko Haram acolytes.

When the military announced it had killed the original Shekau, Boko Haram mimicked the Niger Delta militants and brought out another bearded figure, which it said, was Shekau, to portray that the military was lying…

Unfortunately, most Nigerians chose to believe Boko Haram rather than the army fighting to protect them. Even the media stopped putting punctuation marks after the name of this upstart impostor. The military did not help matters because during the reign of Shekau II, a number of events took place to deflate the confidence Nigerians had in them. The Chibok girls were abducted in the most bizarre manner, with the insurgents making the Borno State and Federal Governments look like common idiots. Boko Haram struck and overran some military and security facilities, killing officers and seizing arms and logistics.

Mutinies took place and soldiers shot at their commanding officers, which led to a court martial. The Minister of Defence, Alhaji Aliyu Gusau, threatened to resign over quarrels with Service Chiefs, and Nigerian troops sent to the war front often fled in the face of Boko Haram assaults.

In the streets, we fought one another on political party or ethno-sectional basis. All these reinforced Boko Haram under Shekau II and emboldened them to storm out of their hiding places in Sambisa Forest and start seizing territories to plant their comical “Islamic Caliphate” pennants.

The Nigerian Army must have realised that guerrilla warfare is more about brains than brawn. It is a mind game. Boko Haram under Shekau II fought us with deft application of mind game, and surged forward. It also took a commonsensical use of wits to snare Shekau II to his end.

Our soldiers captured some Boko Haram fighters in the battle of Konduga. They forced them to stage a false victory celebration and invite Shekau II to come and officiate. They laid an ambush and wasted the bastard. The tide of public opinion has now changed. Nigerians now believe the Army more on the death of Shekau II. Boko Haram fighters have lost their nerve and are surrendering.

We must keep chasing them right to the gates of hell, as US Vice President, Joe Biden would put it. The war has just gone into a new phase. It may not end tomorrow. Guerrilla wars never end that easily. Unless we press our advantage, Shekau III is likely to emerge. Boko Haram is already using their media acolyte, Ahmad Salkida; to deceive the public by saying Shekau is “alive, hale and hearty”. This simply means, “get ready for Shekau III”.

The killing of the two Shekaus is like cutting off a hydra’s head: it will simply grow another unless you stamp it out conclusively. This we must do, by standing together with our armed forces.

By Ochereome Nnanna for Vanguard

When I hear some statements, I feel sad for Nigeria – President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said that terrorism and kidnapping were still major national challenges because Nigerians had not united against them as they did against the Ebola Virus.

Jonathan made the statement at an inter-denominational church service at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja, to mark the country’s 54th Independence Anniversary coming up on Wednesday:

“Take the case of Ebola for example; this is a good example all Nigerians must learn from. When Patrick Sawyer brought Ebola to Nigeria, it was in Lagos that this incidence happened and in terms of politics, Lagos is an opposition party state but the central government is the ruling party.

“From Lagos Ebola moved to Rivers State, also opposition party state.

“But because all Nigerians fought Ebola irrespective of political persuasion, irrespective of religion, irrespective of ethnicity, as individuals we defeated the disease.”

The president frowned at inflammatory utterances by politicians, saying:

“We will not require people to come from heaven or other countries to solve our problems. What we require from our brothers and sisters is to encourage our military because it is not easy.

“When people are sleeping in their houses at night, they are busy fighting. Bullets are not badminton rackets or something. When I listen to some statements made by some people who call themselves leaders, I feel sad for the country.

“We must believe that we do not have any other country outside of Nigeria.”

Photo: President Jonathan’s cook, Taxi driver and Traffic Warden honored at 2014 National Awards

From left: Presidential steward, Onu Isaac Michael, Taxi driver, Imeh Usuah and traffic warden Cpl Solomon Dauda, conferred with the Member of the Order of the Niger, MON and MFR, today. Usuah was honored for returning N18million a passenger forgot in his taxi. The three of them were also given houses in Abuja.

$9.3m Scandal: “I won’t do anything to compromise the standard of the church” – Oritsejafor

CAN president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has been under fire after his private jet was used to smuggle $9.3m into South Africa. Despite the government saying the money was legitimately meant for the procurement of arms, many have still wondered why the man of God’s jet was used out of all other Jets in the country.
He finally broke his silence during the National Executive Council Meeting of CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria)yesterday .He also said the jet wasn’t a gift from the president but members of his congregation..He said

“I wish to assure you that I will not do anything to tarnish the image of Jesus Christ or compromise the divine standard of the church.As you are all aware, the media has been awashed in the past few days about an unfortunate incident involving the movement of funds from Nigeria to South Africa. In the unfortunate news reports, attempts have been made to link me directly with the transaction.

“So far, I have refrained from making any direct public response pending the time that I would have briefed the leaders of the church and explained my position on the issues to them.I believe that the primary institution that I owe any explanation to is the church.At the risk of being seen to be defending myself, I wish to confirm to the distinguished leaders of the church that the Bombardier Challenger 601 aircraft in question is mine. The aircraft was presented to me as a gift by members of our congregation and ministry partners worldwide at my 40th anniversary of my call into the ministry.

May I be permitted to stress that the aircraft was not given to me by the President of Nigeria,neither was it a settlement for any political favour or patronage.With the benefit of hindsight, the President of the country was a guest in our church during the anniversary celebration when the jet was presented to me. This has construed an implication that it was a gift from the President of the country.The President of Nigeria has nothing to do with the gift of the aircraft. By the way, I still wonder why all those saying this cannot come out to show proof so that the matter can be put to rest once and for all. Let me say that this might be an issue of the court in the near future.”
“In order to ameliorate the cost of maintenance of the aircraft, I sought and got permit to allow the aircraft fly in and out of Nigeria.Based on this, I leased the aircraft on August 2, 2014, to a company to run it. It was the leasee that entered into an agreement with the people who carried out the transfer of funds. Having leased the aircraft to the Green Coast Produce Company Limited, any transaction undertaken with the aircraft can no longer be attached to me.
“In as much as I am shocked and distressed by the incident, I wish to appeal to Christians in Nigeria to remember that a war has been waged against the Nigerian church. This war is being fought on many fronts and this unfortunate incident is another dimension in the assault against the church.
It is clear that those who manipulated this conspiracy desire to create a schism in the church.”

Actor John Dumelo Donates To Ebola Victims In Sierra Leone

John Dumelo donates to Ebola victims vial Sierra Leona Community in Maryland, USA
Ghanaian movie star John Dumelo is giving back to Ebolavictims in Sierra Leone, one of the countries in Africa the deadly disease massively affected.

The actor donated some school and health items while visiting the Sierra Leone community in Maryland, USA Monday morning.

The John Dumelo Foundation in partnership with the organizers of the “Ebola Must Go” campaign in Maryland came together for one purpose – “To strongly support the eradication of Ebola from affected African countries.”

Dumelo posted a picture on his Instagram of him ‘hanging out’ with the community in US which included children and adults and captioned:

“… All hands on deck… this is an African problem, Let’s support each other. God bless you and God bless Africa! #melomoment”

Joke Silva receives National Award on her birthday (Photo)

Legendary actress Joke Silvia is a year older today, She also got a national award today in Abuja where she was accompanied by her loving husband and Legendary Actor Olu Jacobs and her handsome son.

Afro Candy & Anita Joseph goes shopping in USA (photos)



Afro Candy and Anita Joseph are now best of friends ever since porn star Afro Candy once said she wanted Anita to act in one of her movies . Anita who has been in Atlanta shooting a movie,went to see Afrocandy in New Jersey and they went shopping.

See more photos below

Obasanjo’s step daughter contests for Lagos State Governor

Obasanjo stepdaughter Lagos governor APC Obasanjo’s StepDaughter Joins Lagos Governorship Race
The stepdaughter of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo is following in his footsteps with a foray into politics.

Mrs Adetokunbo Tobun-Agbesanwa is the daughter of Major Moji Adekunle-Obasanjo and Chief Adekunle Tobun and she is set to contest the 2015 Lagos governorship elections.

The intending candidate is currently a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and she is set to contest on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

She spoke about her aspirations in an interview with Tribune Newspaper,

Excerpts below:

How did your parents influence your involvement in politics?

My parents played a great role in my development and my passion for politics. I wanted to study law but found myself studying political science.

My father, Chief Adekunle Tobun’s activities during the Third Republic, when he contested for the gubernatorial primaries and the campaigns then, gave me a lot to learn and think about.

My late mother, Major Moji Adekunle-Obasanjo, gave me all the support and opportunity to utilise my knowledge and, at every instance, continued to boost my self-esteem. I am very lucky to have such great personalities as parents.

Women in politics are often considered as wayward and are often abused by their male counterparts.

How has your experience been so far? What are your regrets?

There is no gainsaying the fact that in our society, women have great obstacles in attaining political positions.

These are socio-economic factors rather than physical.

There have been arguments that women themselves frustrate the chances of their colleagues at securing elective offices, while another argument is that male politicians manipulate the system to the detriment of women.

In many cases, women are discouraged by late night meetings and women who attend have been labeled prostitutes.

I believe, however, that politics is not the only arena where we have wayward women or sexual harassment. It pervades the society; schools, the corporate world – everywhere.

Politics is an aspiration to serve; it is not do or die.

What gives you the impression that the time is ripe for a female governor in Lagos State, given its political sophistication, ethnic heterogeneity and the historical reality of male dominance in Lagos politics?

I could go on and on in answering this. But, I will try my best to summarise the issues.

First, as with any endeavour or responsibility, the eligibility of any individual aspiring for any job or position is measured by his credentials and suitability for the job.

The constitution provides that a person shall be eligible for the office of governor if he or she is a citizen of Nigeria by birth, at least 35 years of age; is a member of a political party and is sponsored by that political party.

There is no provision for gender discrimination in this article.

Consequently, I believe I even have more than enough requirements for the job.

Women’s participation in politics – not only in Lagos State but in Nigeria – has been very poor due to a lot of factors that have nothing to do with the physical constitution of the female gender.

That is the reason I truly identify with my party, the APC, which has as its slogan, ‘change.’

Photos from Majid Micheal’s surprise birthday party

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel was a year older Last week and last night, Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan threw him a surprise party in Atlanta. So Stella is cool with Daniel even when she knows Doris simeon is bittered?
See more photos below:

Tony Tetuila finally changes his campaign poster’s look (Photos)

Tony who is set to contest for the seat of House of Assembly in Kwara state has changed his campaign look which makes his look a little bit responsible. I strongly believe he hasn’t ditched his blonde hair but rather he just wore a cap on his head.

Dating Davido is the last thing on my mind – Ghanaian Beauty Queen Cries Out

Few days after picture of Davido and Ghanaian beauty queen flooded the internet, she took to IG to debunk rumors that she is having an affair with the singer.

Tiwa Savage has gone MIA from hubby’s house

Yesterday, we exclusively confirmed that Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz are on a rocky path in their relationship (due to domestic violence and cheating allegations), well, it has gotten uglier.
Hours after we unveiled details of her new manager, Meka Millions, our source confirmed that Tiwa Savage has moved out of the house.
“It’s like she’s decided to stay with a friend or something… but she has left the house as we speak, she left yesterday afternoon and has not returned… No, she didn’t go for a show,” our source exclusively told us.
When asked how Tunji is faring, the source said, “What will he do? He caused the whole thing now. Tunji is a randy guy… it’s family members that are trying to salvage the situation now. He really hurt her this time.”

This is not the first time a celebrity couple is finding it hard to keep their marriage intact due to constant media checks and scrutiny.
Tiwa and TeeBillz began their love affair over two years ago but kept it under wraps and even denied it on the pages of newspapers and magazine until Wednesday, February, 5, 2013, when TeeBillz engaged Tiwa with a $2,000 diamond-encrusted, yellow canary wedding band.
The pair held a traditional marriage in November 2013 and a white wedding in Dubai, UAE, in April 2014.
TeeBillz has two children from a previous relationship in the US, and it has been said, but not confirmed, that that relationship ended because of domestic violence on his part.

Fans blast TecnoMiles fashion sense (Photos)

Tecno who is signed under Iyanya’s record label was blasted by some fans on his Instagram page because he sagged his trousers so low.
See screen shot of what two of his fans had to say below



We shouldn’t be surprised at what he does because he is still a kid and what would one expect from a kid who is making cool cash at his age? Not withstanding he remains one of the freshest kids in the music industry, You agree?
see more of his photos below




KCee shows off his new swag (Photo)

Nadia Buari shares new photos from her Reality Show ‘The Buari’s Ville’

Nadia is taking the step of her best friend ‘Jim Iyke’ as the ghollywood screen Diva is shooting a reality show titled ‘The Buari’s Ville’. Here are few photos she released for her fans.
If eventually she gets married to her best friend ‘Jim’ so all they would do is to shoot reality show other than show affection for each other or make babies. Well, its their life and we wish them well.
See more photos below




Ini Edo’s marriage to Philips crashes & Hubby collects her bride price

This is so touching and i must say its sad. Well, According to blogger Stella of SDK,
She exclusively reported that Ini Edo’s marriage to her hubby Phillip has crashed

The Marriage which was contracted in November 2008 is whispered to have been hopping on one leg before finally crashing over five weeks ago.

A close friend of the actress squealed that the marriage broke down due to very strong allegations of ‘serial cheating with evidence’ but that the couple who are pretending to still be in talking terms might cite irreconcilable differences.

My source alleges that Phillips Ehiagwina demanded to have back the bride price he paid to marry Ini Edo and his wishes were granted by her people.

Ini Edo and Phillips got married in an American ceremony and the whispers also indicate that part of the union may have also been dissolved.

Efforts to contact Mr Ehiagwina to find out why he collected back the bride price he paid on our darling actress met a brick wall as his American and Nigerian phones were switched off.

There are also strong whispers that a group of ladies accosted actress Ini Edo recently and beat the living daylights out of her.The whisperers say that the reason is that ”One of the girls who is dating a Lekki big boy namedLewa alleges that Ini has been dating her boyfriend for the past 3 years and it was time to stop and face her marriage but unfortunately Ini’s marriage was already over by the time they accosted her……”

See Photo Of Tiwa Savage’s new manager

Tiwa Savage has sacked her husband from managing her affairs (due to domestic violence and cheating allegations) and hired a new one .

The new manager, Emeka popularly known as Mekka has been the one picking calls directed to Tiwa Savage’s lines and he accompanies her to events.

We carried out our investigations and found that Mekka Millions is a protégé of TeeBillz – he is known within the industry as Mekka Millions.

He also currently manages fast rising rapper, Olusegun Olowokere aka Iceberg Slim.

Evra reveals how Ferguson sent him to beg Pogba

Pogba Juve

Patrice Evra has spoken about the time, when he was asked by Sir Alex Ferguson to convince Paul Pogba not to leave Manchester United.

Pogba moved to Juventus in 2012 after running down his contract at Old Trafford and has since gone on to become one of the best young players in the world.

Evra, who left United for the Serie A champions this summer, has revealed how former the United boss desperately wanted to keep his compatriot.

“La Pioche [Pogba] is like a son to me,” Evra told La Repubblica.

“Ferguson sent me to his house to convince him to stay. He cried, he couldn’t sleep. He knew he could become greater than [Patrick] Vieira, but he had decided.

“Ferguson also knew Pogba could become very strong, but he couldn’t force the issue.”

Evra also claimed that Ferguson’s exit affected United greatly and left his successor David Moyes, with a tough job to do.

“Ferguson was at the heart of everything. He made sure United was a family, with a culture for winning,” Evra added.

“I’ve suffered a lot for Moyes, a great person, but even with [Ryan] Giggs things were different. For this club, you have to sacrifice everything. That’s the kind of culture I’ve found at Juve.”

Grapich photo: Hit and run on Mile 2


A yet to be identified woman was crushed to death this morning by a hit and run driver on the road just before Mile 2 in Lagos. Her body was later removed by Lagos State officials. warning – graphic pic

Man tried to commit suicide inside Synagogue church to prove T.B Joshua is a true prophet


The spokesman of Emmanuel TV, the media outfit of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, Ken Emeakayi, revealed on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily programme today September 29th that a young man had attempted to commit suicide during service yesterday Sunday September 28th.

Speaking on the the misrepresentation of the church building collapse tragedy, Emeakayi said the man suddenly tried to jump down from the gallery of the church which would have immediately killed him upon landing. Asked why he’d tried to jump, the young man supposedly said he wanted to show that he believed prophet T.B Joshua. Emeakayi argued that if the man had succeeded in the suicide attempt, the story would have been reported differently.

Emeakayi also said what happened on September 12th was a controlled demolition. He maintained the aircraft they claimed hovered around the church building four times triggered off the detonation of some explosives

“We are investigating the incident for the world to know what actually happened. When you look at the clip you will see that it was not just the aircraft hovering. At the point of the incident, there was explosion. It is possible they were either dropped or planted and the aircraft will have to come and detonate it. The persons in the building said that the noise they heard suggested that it was an explosion. Those involved in the act may not have been aware of the security cameras. With modern technologies explosive devices could be detonated without a loud noise. There were about four explosives that were detonated in the building from the much the CCTv could capture and because we know that there would be fragments from the explosive, we are calling for an investigation” he said.

Watch video HERE

Graphic pic: Man kills himself trying to jump over barbed wire in Jos


A man trying to cross to the other side to steal diesel met his untimely death after he got caught in electric barbed fence on Dagin Farouk road in Jos.warning – graphic pic

Rivers 2015: Ogoni Urge Political Parties To Zone Governorship To Own Community


The Ogoni Leadership Forum on Sunday called on political parties to zone the 2015 Rivers governorship slot to the area.

The forum, comprising all groups, associations and politicians from the four Ogoni-speaking councils of Rivers, made the demand at a meeting in Port Harcourt.

Walter Ollor, spokesman of the forum, told journalists that the people would support parties that field Ogonis as their candidates for the governorship election.

He said since the return to civil rule in 1999, Ogoni people have not produced the governor of the state and that equity and justice demanded that the slot should be given to them in 2015.

“The people of Ogoni land will support only that political party which fields our candidate for the gubernatorial election.

“Political parties that enthrone Ogoni candidates as second fiddle office holders will not enjoy the support of Ogoni people,’’ he said.

Mr. Ollor urged other ethnic groups in Rivers to support their course because Ogonis supported them when their candidates contested elections to produce the governor of the state.

Peter Medee, President Kagote Ogoni, said the decision by the forum was a step in the right direction.

“This decision was taken in the interest of all Ogoni people and we will stand by it.

“Equity, justice and fairness demands that Ogoni people should produce the next governor of Rivers.

“Since the return to civil rule, Ogoni people have not produced the governor, deputy governor or speaker of the state house of assembly,” Mr. Medee said.


Fayose Pleads Innocent, Calls On NJC To Probe Ekiti Judicial Crisis

AYO+FAYOSE1The Ekiti State Governor-elect, Mr. Ayodele Fayose has urged the National Judicial Council to as a matter of urgency, investigate the allegation levelled against him that he was involved in last Monday’s beating of a serving judge in the state.

The investigation, he said, would open a can of worms in the state judiciary.

Fayose argued that it would be wrong for Nigerians to swallow hook, line and sinker the lies being spread on the issue by the All Progressives Congress, APC, which has already called for his arrest and prosecution over his alleged role in the crisis currently rocking Ekiti State.

Speaking in a calm tone, Fayose said he was begging the NJC to look at all issues at stake dispassionately and be guided by the truth.

The governor-elect, who spoke with journalists in Abuja on Monday, said all the news about him fomenting troubles in the state was just a part of what he described as a grand plan by the APC to cause crisis in the state with a view to forestalling his inauguration come October 16.

He said, “What I’m saying, is that the National Judicial Council should launch a thorough probe of the happenings in Ekiti State judiciary and through that, the rot in the system will be exposed.

“A lot of things are happening there and there are signs that some judicial officers are conniving with the outgoing governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi and the APC.

“The current crisis is an agenda of the APC and their sole aim is to try and get through the back door what the people of the state did not give them on June 21 when they voted overwhelmingly for me and the Peoples Democratic Party”.

He said as former governor and a responsible person, there was no way he could have raised his hand to beat a judge, adding that he was not even capable of raising his hand against his house help.

Fayose said he was being portrayed in negative light in order to create the impression that he is a bad person.

He said, “I did not and cannot slap a judge. I cannot slap a house boy let alone a High Court Judge, and I have utmost respect for judicial officers.

“The media propaganda that I beat up a judge is an APC agenda to portray me in bad light having failed to take my mandate through the back door.

“The Ekiti State Attorney General Wale Fapounda has disclosed that he has spoken with the judge in question, and he spoke on Sunrise programme on Saturday morning on Channels TV where he made it clear that the news that I slapped the Judge was all lies.

“I did not enter Justice John Adeyeye’s court because I had no business to transact there. The Tribunal venue, where I went to, is quite a distance from Adeyeye’s court. Then the pertinent question is, at what point did I meet him?

“Is it that the Judge left his courtroom  with his robe to face so called protesters? Investigation will reveal all these”.

He said up till now, “nobody has been able to provide photo or video evidence that I slapped the judge”, adding that “there was no way I would succumb to blackmail and surrender the mandate that was freely given to me by  the people of the state”.

The governor-elect noted that PDP leaders were aware of the various petitions written to the NJC by APC leaders in Ekiti, saying only a thorough investigation would reveal the truth.

He also stated that the actions and utterances of Fayemi in recent times, showed a collaboration between him and some judicial officers.

He said, “For the information of all, I am openly expressing my readiness to appear before the committee to be set up by the NJC even after I must have been sworn in, to testify on the issue if need be.

“The whole issue I  can say with all intent was part of a grand plan by the APC to cause mayhem and through it, install the Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly as Acting Governor which the people of Ekiti has seen through, and are ready to stop at all cost”.

Yvonne Nelson Shows Off Her iPhone 6 In The Most Unusual Way – Photo

Yvonne Nelson 1 stargist
Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson flaunts her iPhone 6 in the most unusual way……..

Fela Durotoye Reveals! ”How An Extra-Marital Affair ‘Killed’ My Dad”


Motivational speaker/CEO of Visible Impact/husband of make-up boss lady, Tara Durotoye, Fela Durotoye reveals how his father left his mum for a nursing student and died just as he was about to leave his mistress to get back with his wife. So sad…….

Read the interesting revelation below:
My father died because of an extra-marital affair. He had a great marriage but at one point in time he cut it off and left his home, few years later he died. He even died some days to when he was supposed to return home to my mother. He died a mysterious death because the lady said, if I will not have you, nobody will. Few years later, the woman ran insane and was saying all over that she killed my father. So now that I’ve seen what a strange woman can do to a man, it makes sense to stay in one place so I don’t put so many life at stake.

He died in 1982, I was 11 years old. It was so devastating because he went beyond just being my father, he was my best friend. He left home in 1977. I must have been six years old. He was gone for five years. It was at the point where he was trying to get back to his wife that he died in 1982. I never knew what it was like to be a child because my father never treated me like one. I was also his best friend, he used to relate with me like an adult . Even when he left my mum at Ife and was at Ibadan, I used to go to Ibadan every weekend. My relationship with him blossomed till he died. He would send his driver to come and pick me up every weekend. I had to learn how to deal with seeing him and the other woman if I wanted to enjoy my dad. But I was always the centre of attraction every weekend I was with him. The woman was not a major thing I will deal with because my father would give us total attention. Before the separation, my father was a professor in physiology while my mother was a lecturer in Geology.

After he left the University of Ife, he went to set up consultancy firm in medical equipment and so on. My mum remained a professor at Ife. My mum was one of those amazing human beings that you can ever imagine. I cannot tell you how she did it but you can be such that it was God that helped her. And the most difficult part was that watching a man you of loved die in your hands. By the time my father was dying, my mum was right there. He died with his heads in her hands. I do not know how anybody would have done that. Many times my mum said maybe she should not have let him go. She always says that if she knew that the end of the matter would have been that way, she would have followed him with the other woman, she would never let him go. I do not think that my father followed the other woman willingly, it was programmed. It wasn’t natural. I don’t think that he was in his total senses. His siblings were so upset with him, they had to leave him. We should not have allowed him to go into the hands of the devourer.

He used to tell me, don’t worry it is all going to be alright. Meaning that we are all coming back as family. I could see that he always wanted to go back home. His death was one of the most difficult things I had to overcome.

My mum had traveled on sabbatical to Belgium and at one point my father was passing through Belgium. And they had a very short meeting and who knew maybe the signal of the remote control did not get to Belgium. I think somehow the love was rekindled and there was a gentleman, Rev. Faniku who was also in Belgium at that time. He took it upon himself and work on it for almost a year and my dad was almost back to his senses. My mum is incredible brilliant and beautiful. There was no basis for comparison with the other woman who was a nursing student.

Then he fell ill with diabetes but there was no record of diabetes in our linage. He feels sick on Wednesday and died on Sunday morning. He just finished a meeting with my mother and he told the other lady that my mum was coming back home that she has to leave. She told him if she will not have him than nobody will (kaka kekumajesese, afisawadanu). By evening he had come down with a flu. By Monday he was already really sick, by Tuesday he was in the hospital and my Wednesday he was dead.

I have never talked about my dad like this before, I don’t know why I am doing it with you. You must be very special. I learnt that no matter how gifted you are, your destiny can be truncated by a woman. I saw the joy of a successful marriage and I saw the pain of an unsuccessful one. I choose i will go for the joy of a successful marriage. Before my wife and i got married we went to pray and tell God that none of the things that happened in our parent’s marriage would happen in ours. We have tried so far.

Before the separation, they won the couple of the year award twice on campus. My father was an incredible brilliant man. He was the youngest professor in Nigeria as at when he became a professor in 1976. He was 35 or 36. My mum was beauty and brain. They were the happiest couple you can never imagine together.

A mistake of falling for a nursing student who was not even in his department caused all sort of troubles

Culled from iCampus

Ibrahimovic Unfit for Barca

Ibrahimovic Out of PSG Clash With Former Club Barca. Image: Getty.

Barcelona have had a better start to their respective Spanish La Liga campaign, scoring 17 goals and conceding none in six matches. They have dropped points only once as they lead the Spanish league table in early days.

Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta could make his 100th Champions League appearance in Paris.

Ibrahimovic featured for Barcelona between 2009-2011 before leaving for AC Milan from where he eventually joined PSG. The game will nonetheless mark a reunion between Barca boss Luis Enrique and PSG boss Laurent Blanc. The pair played 33 games together in Barca colours during the 1996-97 season.

Tonto Dikeh attacks Impersonator on Instagram


Tonto Dikeh Has been off the radar for a while but she had sprung up again.

The controversial Nollywood actress and singer –Tonto Dike who has a great influence on social media platforms has somethings to say about fraudsters.

We recently have witnessed a high influx of impersonators in the last couple of years. People opening fake accounts with names of popular celebrities to defraud their unsuspecting fans.

Tonto Dikeh also seems to have received several complaints from her fans about the existence of fake social media accounts in her name and she took to her Instagram page this morning to issue a disclaimer.

‘Hi Folks, Please Note that These Accounts are the Only Official accounts of Miss Tonto Dikeh aka #POKO on Social Media*Please beware of fraudsters AND Online scammers, There are numerous complains about my fans been scammed and this must stop. Taking Out my time to warn you all, because am highly against it (It really is a damaging Act) and we can Put a stop to it by Spreading the word and saving a friend or loved ones from been a victims. God bless you as you Repost/RETWEET** Twitter- @TONTOLET INSTAGRAM- @TONTOLET FACEBOOK- #Thanks’.  … 

tonto dikeh23

Jonathan Places Designer Of Nigerian Flag On N4.7m Per Annum Salary For Life

78-year-old designer of the Nigerian flag, Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi, has been placed on a salary equivalent to that of a Special Assistant for life by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Nigeria adopted the flag, Akinkunmi’s entry in a competition held in 1959, ahead of the 1960 independence day. He was a 23-year-old student studying at Norwich Technical College in England.

“I won a prize of a hundred pounds. The presentation was carried out at the Nigerian embassy in London. And it has been in use since then,” he told Thisday in an interview last year.

He said at the time that 54 years after he designed the flag, he was yet to be recognized or given national honour.

“The only time I was remembered was in 2010 when Nigeria celebrated her Golden Jubilee. I was among the 50 nominees that President Goodluck Jonathan presented with a Gold Medal and a certificate,” he said.

President Jonathan has however honoured the man many believe should have been honoured many years ago.

According to the 2010 Consolidated Salary Structure for top federal public office holders, Pa Akinkunmi is expected to earn at least N4,697,068 per annum.

Drogba London Bound as Chelsea Arrive in Lisbon

A 20-man senior team squad departed for Portugal after a training session at the Premier League leaders’ Cobham training facility on Monday, with Ivorian Drogba and injured midfielder Ramires the notable absentees.

Manager Jose Mourinho will be at the bowel of the Estadio Jose Alvalade upon arrival in Lisbon later today to preview the Matchday 3 fixture, but will most probably be spared of questions relating to Ramires’ absence having already addressed the Brazilian’s injury condition ahead of the 3-0 league win over Aston Villa last weekend.

Didier Drogba Has Not Travel With Chelsea to Lisbon. Image: Chelsea via Getty.

Ramires missed the weekend win against Aston Villa after sustaining a muscular injury during the 1-1 draw at Manchester City. He is not expected to take part in Lisbon as well as next weekend’s clash with Arsenal.

Diego Costa is expected to spearhead Chelsea’s attack against Sporting, who are unbeaten this season (though have drawn four of their last five games, including a 1-1 draw with Porto on Friday). Costa, despite an ongoing hamstring problem, has had a fantastic start to his Chelsea career and netted his eighth goal in Saturday’s win over Villa at Stamford Bridge.

Drogba, 36, is yet to score for the ‘Blues’ since returning as a free-agent in the summer. His below par performance in the 1-1 home draw against Schalke in the opening Group G fixture a fortnight ago attracted criticism from pundits and supporters.

Midfielder/defender Nathan Ake travelled as part of the group, as did goalkeeper Mitchell Beeney, with Mark Schwarzer ineligible in Champions League competition.

Captain John Terry could make his 100th Champions League appearance tomorrow.

Chelsea can win Champions League

Midfielder Eden Hazard says the current Chelsea crop can repeat what the likes of Drogba and Frank Lampard inspired during the 2011-12 season.

Hazard, who joined the west London outfit in June 2012, says he wants to realise his childhood dream by lifting the Uefa Champions League trophy in his third season.

“My ambition in the Champions League is pretty much the same as it has been since I’ve been at Chelsea,’ said Hazard. “Personally and collectively it is to go as far as we can, which is to win it.

“With the team we have I think that it’s possible. I don’t know if we are the favourite – there is also Real Madrid who are the holders, Bayern Munich are very strong again this year, there are some other great teams – so let’s see how it goes.”

Chelsea were eliminated in the semi-finals of Europe’s flagship competition by Atletico Madrid last season. The Belgian opines the coach Mourinho’s side must take a holistic approach to their ambition in the present term.

“We have to qualify from the group stage first,” Hazard stressed. “That’s the most important thing right now.

“But of course the dream is to win it. Every year when we play in the Champions League, we play to have the chance to win it. There is a lot of quality in our group and we are all hoping we can go to the end.

“When I was playing for Lille the dream was to go to the first knockout round! But at Chelsea we play to win it and that is a dream of every young player who starts playing football – to hold the trophy. It’s one of the best.”

Adamawa Attacked Again By Boko Haram, 500 Houses Destroyed

While reports of insurgents surrendering from Nigeria to Cameroon raised hope the country was winning the war against terrorism, recent attacks by Islamist sect Boko Haram on Kubi and Watu villages of Michika local government area of Adamawa state shows there is much more to be done to end insurgency in Nigeria.

At least 500 houses were destroyed in the two communities as the terrorists are in full control of Michika and Madagali local governments of Adamawa state, reports say.

“Since the complete take-over of Michika and Madagali by the insurgents on the 7th of September 2014, no single soldier is noticed in Michika Community. The only thing we hear is Jet fighters that come from Yola to drop bombs and go back. Our people are in the state of complete helplessness ,” Vanguard quoted local villagers as saying in a telephone interview.

“Government seems not to be coming to our aids as the insurgents control everything in our local government,” they lamented.

Angered by the way the government seemed to have abandoned them, the villagers alleged that the hometown of the Chief of Defence Staff, Air marshal Alex Badeh, Vimtim, has however enjoyed huge military presence.

They therefore called on the government to urgently send help in form of troops to the affected areas, if not for anything, to make the people of the area feel that Nigeria has not forgotten them.

The people of Michika slammed Adamawa State political class for abandoning them at this trying period.

“Adamawa state Acting Governor, Alhaji Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, Senator Bindow Jibrilla representing Adamawa Northern Zone, Member house Reps, for Michika and Madagali Federal Constituency, Mr Tistsi Gana our member in the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Mr Adamu Kamale have all not been of any assistance to us since the take over of Michika by the insurgents on the 7th of September,” the villagers alleged.

Private Sector To Take Over Federal Roads By 2019

By 2019, the federal government will not be constructing its own roads; it will become the responsibility of the private sector.

Minister of Information, Labaran Maku made this known in Abuja during a Ministerial press briefing organised by his ministry for the Works Ministry.

“Everywhere in the world now, or major countries that are strong economic powers like Nigeria, people are not looking for Federal money or government money for road construction. People are returning to the private sector. India, Malaysia – several of those countries – attract billions of dollars for road construction from the private sector,” said Maku,, who noted that the Federal Government has spent N1.765 trillion on 184 ongoing projects across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Despite the huge sum being spent on infrastructure, a huge gap still exists, hence the need for the private sector to take over.

“There is no money that you will get today from the Federal budget that will deliver on these infrastructure,” Maku explained.

He therefore said that by 2019, the construction and maintenance of roads will principally be handled by the private sector.

“…in the next three, four, five years, I believe that the money that will go into the provision of roads will not come from the government. It will be coming from the private sector,” the Minister said.

Maku expressed regret that unforeseen crises like Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria’s North-East have hampered infrastructural development inn the country. “Imagine what would have happened if all of the money (said to be trillions of naira) spent in prosecuting the war on Boko Haram had been spent in providing roads throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria,” he said.

Speaking further, Maku suggested that the appropriate authorities should ensure the high rate of encroachment on the right of way by Nigerians is drastically reduced. He said this was very necessary because once someone had erected a structure on such spaces, it is alwayss hard for government to claim back the right of way without having to deal with public outcry. It is therefore better to ensure nothing is built on the right of way in the first place.

He therefore advised authorities in charge of this to remain alert to stop such illegal structures from springing up.

Maku noted that once a reform is put in place to ensure construction of federal roads is passed on to the private sector, the Federal Highway Authority will be created.

He appreciated the Minnister of Works, Mike Onolememen, who gave the scorecard of his ministry at the briefing, for the accomplishments recorded by his Ministry, including the flag-off of the second Niger bridge, the ongoing reconstruction of Apapa-Oshodi expressway and the complete overhaul of the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos.

Onolememen said the present administration in the state was committed to road construction and rehabilitation, with 25,000km of the 35,000km of federal roads now in good and motorable condition.

Mourinho “Assuming Risk” on Costa, Drogba Out With Ankle Problem

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will risk prolific goal-scorer Diego Costa for the Uefa Champions League clash with Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon and hopes he will be ready for next weekend’s domestic commitments.

The Portuguese boss, 51, on arrival at the Estadio Jose Alvalade- venue of Tuesday evening’s Group G match and the Lisbon club’s ground where his managerial journey gained footing in the early 1990s as assistant to Sir Bobby Robson- disclosed to reporters that Didier Drogba had not traveled with the team because of an ankle sprain.

The Ivorian striker is expected to be sidelined for two weeks, leaving Costa, Loic Remy and Mohammed Salah as the three outright centre-forwards at Mourinho’s disposal.

The Spaniard, 25, despite an nagging hamstring problem, has had a fantastic start to his Chelsea career and netted his eighth goal in Saturday’s win over Villa at Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho Says Costa Will Play at Sporting. Image: Chelsea via Getty.

“Diego starts. Hopefully he plays again on Sunday, against Arsenal, but at the moment I don’t think about Arsenal, I think about Sporting and Diego starts tomorrow,” said Mourinho.

“There is a risk, yes, but he plays. We assume the risk and he plays. Hopefully everything goes well and hopefully from Tuesday to Sunday he has enough period of time to be back on track and play against Arsenal.

“It’s an important game for us tomorrow, a difficult game. If I can play my best players and the team I think is the best team to try to get us a result, I’m not going to make any changes. That also gives me some players on the bench with the quality to help me, which can help me change the direction of the game. We are ready for another fight tomorrow.

“Drogba is going to be out for a couple of weeks. He had a problem in the training session with his ankle, so it was not possible for him to travel and I think it will not be possible for him to recover for Sunday.”

Both opponents will fancy the prospect of taking maximum points, having drawn their maiden group games by identical scorelines. They are yet unbeaten this season, but the Premier League leaders have impressed the more in domestic campaigns.

Sporting drew 1-1 with Porto last Friday; their fourth in previous five games, while Chelsea have only drawn once- at English champions Manchester City.

They have however lost just once in 11 home games against English opponents (Manchester United’s 1-0 success on 19 September 2007)- won 7 and drawn 3- while Chelsea have not won in three Champions League trips (L2, D1). Mourinho, despite acknowledging the difficulty of the match insists his side are not likely to give away points.

He added: “A good result is to win. We will try to win but to desire and to achieve are two different things.

“Sporting has its weapons. A point could be considered a good result [for them]. Will the team mount its strategy based on the goal of achieving one point? On Friday we saw a team that is not going for a draw. If they stick to themselves and assume their identity then it will be a great match and a great return for Sporting to the Champions League.”

Mourinho’s time at Sporting was short-lived. He is better known for his spell in charge of their great rivals Porto, where he won two Primeira Liga titles, the Champions League and the Uefa Cup (now Europa Cup).

The manager yet has fond memories of his home club, where all that ‘Special’ story began.

“Pride, a sense of pride,’ Mourinho responded, when quizzed on the feelings facing one of his foremost teams bring to mind. “I was all I could be at this club. I tried to assist as much as I could at the beginning of my career. The only bad memory I had was when I left, but I have no grudges of course.

“I’s been a long time since I faced a Portuguese team in the Champions League, since 2006/07. It’s a great joy to return.

“If I could choose ultimately the outcome of this group I would place Chelsea at number one and Sporting at number two.”

Adeyeri’s Murder: Police Arrest 19 In Ekiti

Ekiti State Police Command is making progress in its investigation of the circumstances surrounding the murder of a former chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Chief Omolafe Aderiye last Thursday, as 19 suspects have now been arrested.

“All the 19 are still with us as we are investigating their levels of culpability,” said Victor Babayemi, Public Relations Officer of the Command.

He said the police would not make the identity of the suspects public just yet, but will do so at the appropriate time.

Aderiye had been shot to death by unknown gunmen hours after he was allegedly involved in an attack on a judge of the State High Court.

The transporter who was a close associate of Governor-elect Ayodele Fayose was said to have followed him to his Spotless Hotel, GRA, Ado-Ekiti where the governor-elect attended to his supporters. What he did not know was that he was being trailed by his eventual assailants.

Meanwhile, Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 8, Mr. Christopher Dega and the Commissioner of Police in Ekiti State, Mr. Taiwo Lakanu, have met with the state’s traditional rulers as they seek to restore peace to the state after days of palpable tension and violence.

The monarchs were urged to prevail on their subjects to shun violence and help bring back peace.

Oba Idowu Adamo Babalola (the Onitaji of Itaji and Chairman of Ekiti State Council of Traditional Rulers); Oba Adebayo Adewole, the Ajero of Ijero-Ekiti; Oba James Adedapo Popoola, Oore of Otun-Ekiti; Oba M. G. Adedeji, Owa Ooye of Okemesi; Oba Olu Adegoke Adeyemi, Alara of Aramoko; Oba Oluwole Ademolaju, the Oloye of Oye kingdom and Oba S. O. Ajiboye, the Onisan of Isan-Ekiti attended the meeting.

You Can Be Poor And Still Shun Crime – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday noted that it was possible to be poor and shun crime, but rather choose to live a life of honour and dignity.

The president said this at the 2014 National Honours Award Investiture ceremony held at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja.

“You can see that those who take to criminality do not necessarily do so because of poverty; it is possible for people to be poor and live a life of honour and dignity,” said Jonathan.

He noted that like several other Nigerian present at the event, he had passed through stress in life, “but we did not take to criminality.”

This was said in appreciation of taxi driver, Mr. Ime Usuah, traffic warden, Cpl Solomon Dauda, and Aso Rock steward, Mr. Michael Isaac Onuh.

Extolling the virtues of the three men, Jonathan said Usuah, despite his daily income not being more than ten thousand naira, a passenger forgot N18 million in his taxi, and went away.

“The man did not have Mr. Usuah’s name or his phone number. The honest Nigerian spirit in Mr. Usuah led him to go hunting for the owner of the eighteen million naira and he delivered it to him, intact. This is how it should be,” said Jonathan.

“…Michael Isaac Onuh, a very dedicated steward who has served every Head of State loyally since President Shehu Shagari (it is quite a feat for a steward to have survived nine Heads of State and nine First Ladies) – are all here to receive honour for their hard-work in service of our Nation and humanity.”

“For many of you in Abuja or who visit our Nation’s capital, you must have seen a hard working traffic warden who does his job with great dexterity, glee and happiness. As a traffic officer, he delights in entertaining commuters by graceful gyrations and gesticulations as he efficiently directs traffic.CPL Solomon Dauda carries on his job with evident pride and dignity!”

President Jonathan therefore directed the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory to give the honourees a gift of a flat each.

“And by the same token, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation should ensure that another awardee who has contributed so much to the history of this country, the person who designed the Nigerian flag, Pa Michael Akinkunmi is placed on the salary of a Special Assistant to the President.”

Information Nigeria checks show that the 78-year-old could earn at least N4,697,068 per annum, in accordance with the 2010 Consolidated Salary Structure for top federal public office holders.

Water Supply Has Improved From 58% To 67% In The Past 3 Years — Water Resources Minister

Access to potable water in Nigeria has increased from 58 percent to 67 percent within the last three years, Sarah Ochekpe, Minister of Water Resources has revealed.

“Before the inception of this administration, access to potable water was at 58 per cent, now access is at 67 per cent, while sanitation moved from 32 per cent to 41 per cent under the recent national assessment,” said Ochekpe at the ministerial platform in Abuja.

Speaking further on the activities of her ministry, Ochekpe said that the Federal government had approved the reorganisation of the River Basin Development Agencies (RBDAs) to make them responsive to their mandate and accelerate the vital role water plays in the socio-economic life and well being of the people.

“The RBDAs are strengthened for improved performance especially for grassroots development,” she said.

The federal government has shown commitment to the development of water resources in the country, Ochekpe said the government has intervened again, providing a total of 4,940 water supply facilities nationwide from 2010 to date.

She noted that out of this number, 4,099 newly constructed, mostly rural water facilities, and 143 rehabilitated facilities have been completed nationwide while work on 698 water supply projects are currently on-going in many States.

Although it is the primary responsibility of states and local governments to provide municipal and domestic water supply, the Federal Government intervenes however, so as to increase access and meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Vision 2020.

NYSC: Civil Society Backs N4,000 Fee For Online Registration

The Coalition of Civil Society Group (CSOs), has expressed support for the recently introduced online registration by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), saying the initiative was a step in the right direction.

The group urged Nigerians to support the project and stop playing politics.

“Having painstakingly investigated the circumstances surrounding the full computerisation of the NYSC mobilisation process and the cost associated with it, we hereby resolve that prospective corps members will benefit immensely more than they stand to lose from harnessing and fully maximising this on-line registration platform,” said Etuk Bassey Williams, CSOs president, while briefing newsmen in Abuja.

The NYSC had introduced a N4,000 fee for online registration by prospective corps members to the chagrin of Nigerians who widely condemned the move.

Although the leadership of the NYSC claims that the decision of the NYSC to introduce online registration and delivery of Call Up letters for prospective corp members had been misinterpreted, the body may review its position to satisfy Nigerians.

Speaking on Channels TV recently, The Director of Mobilization, for the National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, Mr Anthony Ani explained that the introduction of the digital process of registration was informed by the need to reduce the need to reduce the stress and risk of making prospective corp members travel to their schools to collect their call-up letters.

According to him, the fee “is for the entire hardware and software that has been provided”.

He explained however that NYSC was not forcing the fee on prospective corps members as those who still consider the N4,000 to be a rip-off would still have the old system in place, whereby they can choose to travel back to their schools to pick up call-up letters and also get to the orientation camps to continue the usually long process of signing different documents.

He therefore dismissed allegations that the 4,000 Naira fee being charged the corpers is for the call-up letters.

APC Presidential Aspirants To Pay 27 Million Naira Each For Forms

APC National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun

The National Executive Committee of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Friday approved the electoral guidelines of the party, pegging the expression of interest and nomination forms for its presidential ticket at N27.5million. However, forms for other elective offices were categorised as sitting aspirants and are expected to pay more than fresh aspirants on the same office.

For sitting governorship aspirants, they are to pay N10.5 million for nomination and expression of interest forms, while fresh aspirants are to pay N5.5 million for the same forms. For the National Assembly, the sitting senators would pay N5.3 million, while the fresh aspirants would pay N3.3 million. Also the members of the House of Representatives who might want to return will pay N3.2 million, while those aspiring freshly will pay N2.2 million.

The state House of Assemblies fresh aspirants would pay N550, 000, while sitting aspirants are expected to pay N800, 000. The party’s NEC also approved 50% deduction for the female and physically challenged aspirants for all the offices.

The meeting was attended by the members of the National Working Committee, led by its chairman, Chief John Oyegun, presidential hopefuls, Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Others were: Governors of Kano and Nasarawa States, Engr. Rabiu Kwankwanso and Alhaji Tanko Al-Makura, Board of Trustees members, zonal chairmen and state chairmen of the party.

Spotted in South Africa: A “DO NOT DIE IN NIGERIA” Warning (SEE PHOTO)

This was spotted on the streets of Johannesburg.
According to South African journalist, Robyn Kriel; a fellow international press member, who has been based in Lagos for several years, while giving him her thoughts on the SCOAN hostel building collapse, said:

“You don’t want to die in Nigeria. Hell, you don’t even want to get sick in Nigeria. You are just another number. You will be told ‘people die all the time in Nigeria, what makes you so special?’”
Tough words he says they were but words he started believing after his own haunting experience in Nigeria.

Pius Adesanmi to APC: 27 million naira for forms for Presidential Candidates is madness!

Written by Pius Adesanmi:
If you are in your thirties and above and anybody is deceiving you that the just and fair Nigeria we are struggling for will happen in your life time, please do not deceive yourself. Struggling for the dreamable, refusing to relinquish the imaginable, hanging on stubbornly to the possible, as some of us are doing 24/7, are all praxes that must be rooted in pragmatism and an acknowledgment of the degree of the rot. The rot that will prevent you and this writer from seeing a reimagined and remade Nigeria is not corruption. It is not Boko Haram. It is none of the unending dysfunctionalities and irrationalities of statehood that have turned the Nigerian tragedy into a nightmare from which Africa struggles to awake.
The rot that will prevent the Nigerian renaissance from happening in my life time is not even summed up by the fact that we have now effectively surpassed every available model of the corruption, abuse, and misuse of sovereign statehood known to man. Although I will not hold my breath, I want to wager all the same that the record set by an irresponsible sovereign state when she goes to the doorstep of another sovereign state to claim and own such grievous crimes as cash trafficking and gun running, all in the bid to shield powerful
interests, will not be broken quickly. And if this record will be broken at all, it is safe to bet that it is only this international crime-owning state that will ultimately beat its own prolific record in the manufacturing of horror.
Again, this is not why I will not see the Nigerian renaissance. I will not see the Nigeria of the promised land because we have too many citizens who have been so deprived of civic education that the mere mention of the crime owned for the Nigerian state in South Africa by Nigeria’s irresponsible rulers is sacrilegious and unpatriotic. The mind that has been manufactured to constantly justify, rationalize, explain, and identify with every horror while criminalizing the faintest manifestation of critique is the greatest threat to the emergence of a new Nigeria. The mind that mistakes a fetid personality cult of the incumbent for patriotism is the greatest obstacle to national becoming. It has taken the rulers of Nigeria some five decades of abject postcolonial statehood to produce this mind. It will take four to five generations to undo the damage because it is easier to destroy than to build. I repeat: if it took them five decades to destroy the Nigerian psychology and produce the mass mumufication we witness today, it will take five generations to demumufy the Nigerian psychology. And that is where there is the will o.
I have written time and again that the collapse of Nigeria’s educational system is not an accident. It is deliberate. It is purposed. A state that is going to be run based on ethos and practices deemed crude by the standards of Orangutan society needs a sedated and diseducated citizenry that is hostile to critique in order to survive and perpetuate herself. And when that state succeeds in manufacturing a critical mass of consent and conformity such as we see in Nigeria, the triumphant ruling class has only one responsibility unto itself: the sustenance of a wrongly-wired psychology in a vast majority of the citizenry.
That is why I pity members of the Nigerian community of conscience who are fighting corruption without paying attention to public instruction. Without civics, the diseducated – and I have deliberately created that word, diseducated, to imply deliberateness on the part of those doing the diseducating – citizen is in the pocket of his oppressor. He will identify with his oppressor on the basis of ethnicity, faith, language, etc. If you insist, he will abuse your father and abuse your mother. He will ask you: “wetin be your own sef? Na your money e steal?” You struggle for Nigeria in vain in the context of this sort of mass psychology.

I issued a statement on my Facebook Wall condemning the fee. I zoomed in particularly on three of the party’s aspiring candidates: General Muhammadu Buhari, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah. If these men succeed in paying twenty-seven million naira, I enjoined the party to insist on an open declaration of the source of the money as a way of showing that they are different from PDP.

Public instruction is therefore the place to start. A sustained struggle in the arena of public instruction may create the conditions that could facilitate the emergence of the Nigeria of our dreams five generations from now. Time is of the essence. Every teachable moment must be grabbed to work on the Nigerian psychology. Yes, it has been so damaged, so corroded, so wrongly wired that you don’t even know where to start. But start we must.
An occasion presented itself to me today. In the fevered brain of the leadership of APC, it is somehow okay to ask aspiring presidential candidates to cough out twenty-seven million naira for nomination forms! I thought this was madness. I thought that this constantly fumbling political party has bungled yet another opportunity to stand apart from the ways of PDP. I issued a statement on my Facebook Wall condemning the fee. I zoomed in particularly on three of the party’s aspiring candidates: General Muhammadu Buhari, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah. If these men succeed in paying twenty-seven million naira, I enjoined the party to insist on an open declaration of the source of the money as a way of showing that they are different from PDP.
As reactions flowed on my Wall, one compatriot preferred to send a private note to me by email. He identifies with the spirit of my argument, he says. In fact, he likes my submissions a lot. But, as a Buhari loyalist, he is somehow irked by my suggestion that “General Buhari, a whole former Head of State”, may not have twenty-seven million naira and may need some help to find it. Haba Prof, he says. Twenty-seven million may sound like big money to you guys out there, he continues, it is weekend party money for boys “around here”. Of course, I am familiar with the fact that certain layers of Nigerian society crawl in loads of easy, free money.
I pondered what to say to him, realizing the immensity of this teachable moment. I wondered where to start since the opinion he expressed is a window into a mindset that is deeply rooted in the Nigerian psychology – and there can be no progress until we reteach and rewire this psychology. Do I begin by telling him that in responsible democracies, the fact that General Buhari has held that office is the first and loudest reason why he should find it difficult to afford twenty-seven million naira? Do I tell him that the fact that Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Abdusalam Abubakar occupied the same office and ended up with hilltop mansion way beyond the totality of their entire earnings in their military careers is the first reason why they both ought to be serving life sentences in Gashua prison? Do I tell him that public office is a huge sacrifice in responsible democracies because you foreclose the possibility of making money? Do I tell him how long it took the Clintons to get out of debt after office? Do I tell him about the student loan and Chicago mortgage of the Obamas? They finally paid off their student loans but I am not sure about that Chicago mortgage.
Do I tell him why people resign after a short stint in the cabinet in serious democracies? They resign to go and make money. They cannot make money while serving in public office. Ask Ari Fleischer how much he was making on the podium in the White House and how much he now makes as a conservative pundit. Do I tell him that Karl Rove makes more now than he could ever have made working in the White House? Do I tell him that in France, our friends, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, are struggling with legal bills – and all kinds of bills?
Do I tell him that if anybody comes out of public office rich and comfortable, it is your duty as a citizen to raise eyebrows and pester the tax authorities until they open an investigation? Do I tell him that the mindset which produces that famous Nigerian sentence, “a whole so and so cannot be expected not to have such and such amount of money”, is a function of the psychology that the Nigerian ruling class is sustaining in order to mass-produce a citizenry that permanently justifies looting? Haba!, goes the Nigerian, how can you expect a whole State Governor not to be able to afford such and such? How can you expect a whole Senator not to be able to afford that house? The man don arrange o. You better keep quiet, you hater!
And we ask no questions even when they brandish stuff beyond their legitimate income in the public sphere. Not so long ago, the outgoing Governor of Ekiti state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, made a lot of noise about students he was sending for University education abroad from his own pocket. More than a dozen or so students enjoyed a personal scholarship of Dr. Fayemi to go to OxBridge in Britain and Ivy League destinations in the United States. People who ought to know and people who don’t know went to town celebrating and praising Dr. Fayemi. Nobody bothered to think about a year’s tuition as an international student in an American Ivy League. Nobody bothered to weigh the tuition fees of the students he sent to Britain and the United States from his own private pocket against the backdrop of Dr. Fayemi’s legitimate monthly income as a state governor. Why did it not occur to anybody to ask questions? You guessed right: howu, how can you say that a whole state governor cannot afford it? Na poverty mentality dey worry you!
So, dear friend, when the candidates of APC begin to pick up presidential nomination forms for twenty-seven million naira, your responsibility as a Nigerian citizen is to ask questions about the source of the money. And if any Stockholm Syndromed compatriot abuses you, saying, “how can you expect a whole Lagbaja and a whole Tamedun not to be able to afford twenty-seven million naira”, do not abuse him or her in return. Show some sympathy. Show some understanding. Show some love. Show that you know the origins of his or her psychology. Remember, unless you act and teach this wrongly-wired psychology, you will not witness Nigeria’s renaissance in your life time. For the greatest tragedy is that the consequence of ignorance is democratically suffered. Those who know suffer the consequences of the ignorance of those who do not know in equal measure. Alakoba ni won.
Therefore, you must educate that psychology so that your children’s children may stand a chance of witnessing the beginning of Nigeria’s renaissance. And if they abuse you as you try to educate their psychology, shake off the dust of thine feet in testimony against them.

Family of 31-yr old graduate killed in Police detention cry out to Jonathan for justice (PHOTO)

The family of late Chukwuma Ihezie, who allegedly died in police custody, has petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan seeking his order for an autopsy to be conducted on the deceased to enable them take his remains for burial.

Chukwuma reportedly died in detention six days after he was arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Enugu State Police Command.

The police had tagged the engineering graduate an armed robbery suspect, an allegation his family denied.
It was, however, gathered that few months after, the police authorities, after an investigation from the force headquarters, found out that the deceased was not an armed robber.

Spokesperson of the family, Mr. Chinedu Ihezie, said their son’s car, laptop and other personal effects were released to the family.

He added that although police had asked them to go and bury their son, it would be difficult to do so as Enugu State Police Command had turned down a request for autopsy. The letter read in part:

“Chukwuma Ihezie, a native of Umuozu Ezumoha in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State, born in 1983.
“Our heart is bleeding, our hope is in God Almighty through you. The future hope and light of the family has been so extinguished. We humbly cry unto you sir.
“On January 12, Chukwuma went for his normal cab work and was arrested by Independence Layout, Enugu policemen for picking a passenger whom the police falsely labelled an armed robber.
“He was kept under detention in their station under a DPO (names withheld). He was later transferred to Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, office by Zakari Yau, along with his handwritten statement. On January 18, Chukwuma was shot on the spinal cord and killed by SARS without a fair hearing in any court of law and his corpse dumped in UNTH, Ituku Ozala, Enugu, mortuary on Saturday, January 18.
“Chukwuma was killed to cover up a secret, which could have been unveiled if he was allowed to talk.”


We Would Have Conquered Terrorism If Only We Fought Against It Like We Fought Ebola – President Jonathan

President Jonathan at the inter-denominational church service held at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja, to mark Nigeria’s 54th Independence Anniversary coming up on Wednesday, has said Nigeria would have defeated terrorism if only we unite against it, like we did on Ebola.

According to him, Nigerians united against the virus irrespective of political persuasion, religion or ethnic origin and that was why we were able to defeat it fast.

“Take the case of Ebola for example; this is a good example all Nigerians must learn from.

“When Patrick Sawyer brought Ebola to Nigeria, it was in Lagos that this incidence happened and in terms of politics, Lagos is an opposition party state but the central government is the ruling party.

“From Lagos Ebola moved to Rivers State, also opposition party state.

“But because all Nigerians fought Ebola irrespective of political persuasion, irrespective of religion, irrespective of ethnicity, as individuals we defeated the disease,’’ he said.

The president also commended the military for their victories thus far, and openly frowned against some inflammatory statements and utterances of some politicians towards terrorism.

“We will not require people to come from heaven or other countries to solve our problems. What we require from our brothers and sisters is to encourage our military because it is not easy.

“When people are sleeping in their houses at night, they are busy fighting. Bullets are not badminton rackets or something.

“When I listen to some statements made by some people who call themselves leaders, I feel sad for the country.

“We must believe that we do not have any other country outside of Nigeria,’’ he said.

Doris Simeon Takes Estranged Husband To Court Over Son

Beautiful actress Doris Simeon has disclosed she has taken her estrange husband, Daniel Ademinokan to court. Doris revealed this to Punch, stating it was necessary because it was time for her to see her son again. Doris claims her son who is now six was last seen by her when he was two, when Daniel came home to her and said he was taken him to visit his mom, not knowing Daniel was moving on. She also says she has been unable to speak with her son on the phone for about a year now. See part of the interview below:

Your marriage to Daniel Ademinokan was celebrated as one of the best in the industry…

Initially, it was but at a point everything looked rosy outside but not at home. He just woke up one day and decided he didn’t want the marriage again.

What actually happened? Was there another woman?

I can’t say what actually happened. I did not suspect if he was dating any woman or not because we were the best of friends. I trusted him too. When the problem started, I was begging him for reconciliation. I am an orphan with nobody to run to but his family members, who also tried to intervene. At a point, they fought with him because he stopped picking their calls, even his pastor. Before the separation, I suggested counselling but he promised to turn around for good. He did not. He would leave the house for some days and would not pick my calls. He also accused me of nagging and policing him around. At a point, he came back and told me it was lack of money that caused the problems. As a good wife, I suggested we pray about it. He told me one day that he wanted to go and see his mother and took our only son with him (the union produced a child). I didn’t suspect anything because they usually went out together. That was the last time I saw my then two-year-old son.

When was that?

That was about four years ago. The boy is six years old now.

Did you take any action then?

If I let it weigh me down, he would use it as a ground to fight me in court. I have not spoken to the boy for about a year now. I am sure that even if he runs away with my child for 18 years, the boy will ask after me. I am his mother. Currently, the case is in court.

Is there room for reconciliation?

I am not ready to reconcile with him.


It is going to four years since we split and I do not see anything wrong in that. Maybe because of the things he said when I sought to reconcile. I wanted reconciliation when the whole thing started but he said it was too late. He never said what the problem was. It was a normal hassle between couples. If he says I cannot force him into a marriage that he is no longer interested in, why would he want to come back now?

But the custody of your child…

People live separately and still have children. The child is with him and they are abroad but he does not have custody of the child. I don’t want to talk about it because the case is in court.

Do you have access to the child?

At the moment, I do not have access to the child because they are not in the country. But I want to leave it for the court to judge. After then, whatever the court says I should do, I would do it.

Photos from AY’s MVP White Party

MVP made its glamorous debut into the nightlife scene of Lagos on Friday Sept 26th with a very well attended and mind blowing All White Party.

The celebrities/elites that attended the Grand Opening included Ramsey Noah, Alibaba, Jay Jay Okocha, Ebube Nwangbo, Funke Akindele, Oge Okoye, Uti Nwachukwu, Seyi Law, Solidstar, Patoranking, Juliet Ibrahim, Toyin Aimakhu, Harrysong, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Alexx Ekubo, Gbenro Ajibade, IK Ogbona, Yomi Casual, Elenu, Chief Joe Penawou, Timi  Alaibe, The Ibrus, Engr Abiye Membere, Hon. Warman Ogoriba,  Simbi Wabote, Engr Billy Agha, Tony Attah, Engr Gilbert Odior, Nosa Omorodion, Amaju Pinnick,, Chairman Lekki Gardens, Chaiman Haven Homes, Chairman Dilly Motors, E-Money and AIG Alapini (RTD) and many others. See the pics after the cut…


Oh dear! Check out what Doris Simeon wore to Oct. 1st premiere

Celebs stormed Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st movie premiere last night all dressed in old school outfits and hair. This is what actress Doris Simeon wore to the event. That hair though. Very creative!

Genevieve & Ramsey Noah at yesterday’s movie premiere

Genevieve Nnaji and one of her closest friends in Nollywood, Ramsey Noah, at the movie premiere of Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st movie last night.

PHOTO: Segun Arinze’s old school look to October 1st movie premiere

The theme at Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st movie premiere last night was old school & some celebs delivered..

Abortion is ungodly and unbiblical – Pastor Enoch Adeboye

The GO of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye, says abortion is ungodly and unbiblical. He made his position known via his Special Assistant on Personnel and Administration, Pastor Johnson Odesola, at the monthly prayer and thanksgiving service organised for pregnant women at the RCCG National Headquarters in Ebutte-Metta, Lagos.

“You can prevent pregnancy but once the egg and the sperm meet and is formed, anything that suggests that it should be terminated is against God’s word. The option of abortion is an option preferred by medical professionals but as Christians, we believe in miracles and that God is able to take away every problems. There is nothing God cannot do even if the life of the woman is at stake; pray for a divine intervention and God who created the universe knows what to do in any situation we find ourselves as we look up to him in faith.” pastor Odesola said on behalf of pastor Adeboye

Anita Oyakhilome’s name & pic removed from Rhapsody of Realities

Anita Oyakhilome has been excluded from the newly released October-2014 edition of Rhapsody of Realities, Christ Embassy’s monthly devotional. The devotional, which was started many years ago by the now estranged couple, usually had both their pictures and writings in the pages, but in this new 31-page edition, there’s not one pic or article attributed to Pastor Anita, just pastor Chris.

Also, the back cover of the magazine which usually had a picture of the couple now has only Pastor Chris on it. See the exclusive pics after the cut…

It’s now strictly Pastor Chris…

Anita Oyakhilome used to be part of it…

Meanwhile a new single sister, Pastor Ms Yemisi Kudehinbu has been named the new Chief Executive officer of the Believers Loveworld, an arm of the church that produces the monthly devotional.